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Do you live in York? Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Then it’s time to contact Rehab 4 Addiction.

We have helped thousands of local people to overcome addiction over the years, and have built up an excellent reputation for our services.

If you’re ready to become clean and sober, call our 24/7 helpline. We can ensure that you gain access to a top drug and alcohol rehab clinic in York.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we have a robust network of addiction treatment providers in York.

Our team can match you with the right clinic to suit your needs, ensuring that you receive the expert care and support that you need to make a full recovery.

Upon calling us, you’ll be required to complete a short telephone assessment. This will help us to gain the information that we need to help you gain access to the right treatment facility in York.

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Who can go to rehab?

Substance misuse is an illness that affects people of different backgrounds and situations.

When you approach a drug & alcohol rehab in York about problems with substance use, they will want to look, with you at how addiction has progressed in your life.  They will want to explore such this as:

  1. How much you are using substances now, and whether that amount has increased recently.
  2. Any physical health conditions you might be currently suffering from.
  3. Your emotional health and wellbeing.
  4. How you are feeling about changing your substance use behaviours.
  5. Whether you have tried to stop addictive patterns in the past.
  6. Whether you have good support available to you.

These areas give an overview of the development of your substance use and an insight into what areas might need to be concentrated upon in order to make your recovery as strong as possible.

Professional intervention with a loved one

Professional intervention is something that some people have found to be beneficial in helping a friend or loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder.

Professional interventions are not designed to be used as ways to try and reprimand a person who is misusing drugs or alcohol.

It is instead an opportunity for them to speak with a professional and hear about how their situation might be helped and how it might deteriorate if they do not make changes.

One of the methods that are sometimes used in professional interventions is the Community Reinforcement Approach to Family Training (CRAFT).

This intervention is helpful for families in which a member is going through addiction as it tries to offer a positive and supportive way forward for everyone involved.

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How much does it cost to go to rehab?


The costs involved in attending a drug and alcohol rehab in York will of course depend largely on how long you want to stay.

It is also possible in many places to pay extra in order to have a single room for the duration of your treatment.

The prices available can be discussed individually when you speak with us.

For example, if you would like to go into rehab only for the 7-10 days necessary to have a detox, then the price would be between £2000 and £4000.

If you would like to stay a little longer and attend rehab for 28 days this would cost around £6000, though if you want to have a single room during this time, prices would be between £8000 and £12000.

Home detoxes normally cost around £1500.

This can be a much more affordable way to undergo a detox but it also means that there is not the continual support available that there would be in rehab.

What is addiction?

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Despite some people thinking that addiction is a matter of willpower, medical science tells us that addiction is actually a chronic mental disease that is caused predominantly by dopamine levels in the brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain when it recognises that an activity is beneficial to us.  However, addictive substances like alcohol and heroin also cause a release of dopamine in the brain.

The amount of dopamine released by addictive substances is also much larger than the amount released by normal, healthy behaviours.

When these addictive substances are used by people who also have other psychological issues present such as major anxiety or trauma, it is then that there is a danger of addictive patterns occurring.

As these addictive traits become more and more powerful, they begin to have an effect on other areas of the person’s life. For example, relationships may begin to break down, work obligations might go unfulfilled.

The DSM-5 (which is one of the latest diagnostic manuals for mental health conditions) contains a way of evaluating these behaviours and their effects in order to evaluate clinically whether a substance use disorder has developed.

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How long does rehab last?

Therapy room

Some people go to rehab only in order to undergo a detox (the length of which will depend on what substance is being used).

Others stay for somewhat longer in order to focus on the other psychological and behavioural patterns that go hand-in-hand with their substance misuse.

Research has shown that the longer the period of time someone is able to give themselves in treatment, the higher the chances they have of being able to maintain recovery in the long term.

What is a detox, and do I need one?

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Detox is needed when someone has been using a physically addictive substance for a sufficient length of time that the body has adapted to having the substance in its system.

The result of this adaptation is that when the substance is no longer present, the body goes through what we call withdrawal symptoms.

The nature of these withdrawal symptoms will be different depending on what substance has been used and for how long.

A detox requires the administration of medication to combat the symptoms of the withdrawal.  Different medication is used for different substances and the particular details can be discussed with us.

Withdrawal from alcohol dependence can be dangerous and even fatal due to the threat of seizure.

During detox, a medication called Librium is normally used over the course of several days in order to help the body withdraw from alcohol safely.

Detox from heroin can take slightly longer.  To discuss details about possible detox, please do get in contact with us at Rehab 4 Addiction.

Having a home alcohol detox in York

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A cheaper alternative to going to rehab for medical detox is to undergo the same process in your own home.

Home detox is only permitted following an assessment by a psychiatrist and the client also needs to be consuming less than 30 units of alcohol a day.

Medication is then posted daily to your home address and support is given via a daily telephone call.

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Will rehab help me to drink normally?

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When you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in York, the programme is designed to help you stop drinking or taking drugs for good.

None of our rehab programmes is geared towards helping clients use drugs or alcohol in a more controlled way.

One of the main benefits of abstinence is that trying to continue to use alcohol or drugs after addiction has developed is almost impossible and runs the risk of very quickly reverting to being out of control

What are the benefits of going to rehab?

Diverse people in a support group

Recovering from a substance use disorder is neither a quick nor an easy task as we are dealing with physical changes in the brain that need to be healed and new patterns established.

Trying to do this when you are surrounded by reminders of your drinking or using is extremely difficult.

Rehab places you in a situation where none of these old reminders or triggers are present, as well as offers you constant professional support to help make new and healthy decisions.

Just as addictive behaviour can become all-consuming, so the early stages of recovery can involve using all our energy and resources.

Being in rehab means that sufficient rest, nutrition and psychological support is on hand to sustain this journey in its early, challenging stages.

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How do I choose the right rehab in York?


Every rehab has a slightly different variety of facilities and types of therapy available.  Choosing between them can seem a daunting task.

When you contact us, we will help you with making the right choice when it comes to a drug and alcohol rehab in York.

Whatever decision is come to, we will ensure that you are heading to a rehab that has:

  • An excellent track record
  • A selection of evidence-based therapies available
  • A team of well-trained and supportive staff.

Rehab for cocaine addiction

Going to rehab for cocaine addiction will not require a medical detox as cocaine does not produce a physical dependency within the body.

An addiction to cocaine will, however, require a concerted effort to establish new coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies.

For many sufferers of cocaine addiction, substance use can be deeply entrenched with social life or their world of work.

Time away from all these influences gives you the best possible opportunity to build new, more positive patterns of behaviour.

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Rehab for heroin addiction

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Heroin is among the most physically addictive of substances and a physical dependency can build up within a matter of days.

Due to this, it is very usual that anyone who goes to rehab due to a heroin addiction requires a medical detox during the first stages.

A heroin detox can feel uncomfortable, but staff in the rehab will monitor you throughout the process in order to make the detox as easy as possible.

It is highly recommended that a stay in rehab is prolonged beyond the time of the detox in order to give as much opportunity as possible to the building of coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies.

Rehab for cannabis addiction

Group holding leafs

Cannabis addiction, whilst not requiring a physical detox, can benefit enormously through having time and space, away from triggers and unhealthy influences.

Within the rehab, a client with cannabis addiction has the opportunity to focus entirely on their healthy aspirations and the building of positive habits and behaviour to help prevent them from falling into relapse.

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Can I go to rehab if I have other mental health issues?

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It is very common that people who struggle with a substance use disorder also have other mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

The therapists and therapeutic treatment methods that form part of the rehab process are designed to help work on these other challenging areas as well.

The rehab programme is designed to help you build up emotional and psychological strength and resilience in order to give you the best opportunity of maintaining recovery from addiction.

Relapse prevention planning

Female therapist with male

A vital part of the rehab process is planning for life when rehab is complete.

This means looking at what things in general and specifically for you might prove a challenge to maintaining a substance-free life.

Support networks will be key to this so that no one who leaves rehab will feel that they do not have anyone to turn to when challenges arise.

What are the alternatives to going to rehab?

Group therapy - hands in air

If you do not feel that your rehab is for you, or that you are not ready for it at the moment, there are a range of other possibilities that you can try, in order to find help with your substance use struggles.

Alcoholics Anonymous is probably the best known and most widely available programme of recovery from alcohol use disorder.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) bases its programme on the 12 Steps which are a method for maintaining recovery and dealing with challenges that may arise.

The 12 Steps have subsequently been taken up and adopted by other groups that focus on addiction to other substances.  For example, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and many more.

12 Steps groups are all free, as well as available in most towns throughout the country.

There is another support programme, named SMART Recovery which is also free and becoming more widely available. SMART Recovery offers support groups and tools for maintaining freedom from substance use.

There will be many more services available in your local area, whether they be run by local authorities or by private companies.  To discover what is available in your area we recommend you contact your council services.

Call our expert team today on: 0800 140 4690.

Saving you time and effort 

Diverse people in a supporting group session

Conducting your own research into the various addiction treatment centres in York can be a lengthy and exhausting process.

So much so that you may end up selecting a facility that’s not suited to your needs. That’s why it’s such a good idea to let us do it for you.

Our team have an excellent knowledge of the difficult clinics in the area, and will only suggest ones that we know are right for you.

Our trained advisors will talk you through your options in plain English, rather than using confusing terminology often found in clinic literature.

Deal with drug and alcohol addiction in York today

Drug addiction and alcoholism are progressive disorders, which means that your addiction will not improve if you don’t act to treat it.

In fact, if you’re in denial about your problem, your situation may only get worse, leading you into a downward spiral that you may struggle to recover from.

The longer that you continue to deny that you have issues with drinking or drugs, the more damage you will do to your health and relationships.

Seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment in York and Leeds is your only option if you want to put an end to the path of destruction that you’re on.

Call our expert team today on: 0800 140 4690.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction to access our services

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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in York is only a phone call away.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers drug and alcohol rehab options across Yorkshire, including Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Middlesbrough, York, Wakefield, Hull, Doncaster, Barnsley, Halifax, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Rotherham, and Cleveland.

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