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Addiction is normalised in our society. We make jokes about needing a glass of wine after a stressful day, we binge drink just to feel high, and we rely on substances to give us confidence in social situations.

Unfortunately, this normalisation means that people are inclined to pretend they don’t have a problem with alcohol and drugs.

If you are dependent in any way on drink or drugs, you need to take it seriously. Addiction can spiral out of control very quickly, so you need to get help before it’s too late.

The best way to do this is to attend rehab in Chipping Ongar, where you will have a detox and engage with wonderful therapy sessions.

Signs and Symptoms of a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Overall, if your relationship with drugs and alcohol is negatively affecting your life in any way, it’s a sign that you have a problem.

This is not something to be ashamed about as addiction can affect anyone. However, it is something that needs to change. Here are a few specific signs of addiction to look out for:

1. Your social life has changed

  • You go out drinking more
  • You act differently in social situations
  • You withdraw from your family and friends2.

2. You are experiencing psychological symptoms

  • You are more anxious than usual
  • Your concentration is poor
  • You are experiencing mood swings
  • You are paranoid
  • You are in denial

3. You are experiencing physical symptoms

  • You have gained or lost weight
  • Your pupils are different sizes
  • You have under-eye bags
  • You have pale, clammy skin

4. Your lifestyle has changed for the worse

  • You are missing important commitments e.g. work or family events
  • You are engaging in crime to fund your addiction
  • You are neglecting your relationships
  • You have lost your job

Why You Need to Seek Help Immediately

Addiction can very quickly take over your life, so it’s vital to take care of it as quickly as you can. If you don’t, you are risking experiencing serious illness or even death.

There are so many resources out there that can help you turn your life around so there is no reason to delay having treatment. In Chipping Ongar alone, there are a wealth of residential rehab facilities and outpatient clinics that are designed to help people get sober and stay sober.

Another option is to have a home detox, where medical professionals will monitor your health as they remove drugs and alcohol from your system.

If you try to recover alone, the consequences could be tragic. Many people attempt to detox alone but this is incredibly dangerous without medical intervention.

At rehab, you will have a medically-assisted detox that is carried out according to NICE guidelines; your safety is the number one priority.

Ultimately, the longer you prolong getting support, the harder it will be to get sober.

You will be even more tempted to continue with your current lifestyle and the total liberation that comes with getting sober will be hidden from you.

The Benefits of Residential Rehab in Chipping Ongar

The drug and alcohol rehabs that we work within Chipping Ongar are located in beautiful rural areas with stunning views all around.

There is no better place to recover than in the luscious Southern countryside, with the hustle and bustle of city life far behind you.

Recovering close to home can be wonderfully comforting as you know that your family and friends are only a drive away. In most cases, they can even visit you one day a week to see how you’re getting on.

There is often the option to have family therapy if you believe your family would benefit from discussing your issues together.

The personalised treatment offered at rehab in Chipping Ongar is unbeatable.

You will receive a treatment plan that details exactly how the facility will help you get sober, taking into account your personal situation such as the type of addiction you deal with and the state of your mental health.

Personalised plans are proven to reduce relapse rates significantly, so you’re in good hands at a residential rehab.

Rehab is often referred to as a community; staff and patients come together with the common goal of beating addiction, so you will have the opportunity to live in a team of inspiring individuals who are all passionate about recovery.

In group therapy, you will get to know your fellow patients and benefit from hearing their stories. You can also discuss your story; many patients find that opening up publicly is a crucial part of their healing process.

Finally, we cannot argue with the success rates of inpatient treatment in Chipping Ongar. As good as home detoxing and outpatient treatment can be for some people, rehab gives you the best chance of recovering sustainably.

When you are expected to work on your physical and mental health on a daily basis, there is little room for stagnation.

You will be making progress all the time, whether it be in the way that you understand your addiction or in the coping mechanisms you learn to employ.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction

Never let shame prevent you from contacting us; we have heard endless addiction stories and yours will not be too much for us to handle.

In fact, a number of our advisors have been through the treatment process themselves, so they know exactly how you feel. They are here to support you in your sobriety, so let them take you under their wing.

If the idea of attending rehab in Chipping Ongar appeals to you, make it a reality by calling us on 0800 140 4690.

Our advisors are trained to decide which form of treatment will benefit you the most based on your specific situation.

You are also free to state any preferences you have regarding the type of treatment, the cost of treatment, and the location.

Simply let us know on the phone and we will take this into account as we search for a rehab facility.


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