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If you’re struggling with addiction and are looking for some support to guide you through recovery, there are a wide variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services available in Glossop or around Derbyshire. Whilst this offers you plenty of opportunity to rehabilitate, it can be difficult to understand which type of treatment you need.

Each individual has a different experience with addiction and therefore your treatment needs to address your issues at a personal level. Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we have access to a wide range of partner addiction treatment centres and specialise in finding the most suitable rehab centre for your situation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or areas of concern that you may have about rehab and we will walk you through your consideration. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequent concerns that we hear, but feel free to get in touch for further advice.

Do I have an addiction?

When suffering the effects of addiction, it can be incredibly difficult to recognise them within yourself. Even when you realise that you have an addiction problem, some people are reluctant for others to find out, which leads to a cycle of denial.

We can help you to understand whether you are exhibiting addictive behaviours in our initial assessment and this helps us to determine whether or not you need treatment and if you do, which type.

Some telltale signs that you may be struggling with addiction or are nearing an addiction problem are:

  • Using drugs and alcohol on a daily basis
  • Drug and alcohol use that increases over time
  • Denying your use to friends and family or distancing yourself from them when they ask questions
  • Inability to control cravings for drugs and alcohol

If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to reach out to us for some support and guidance.

How do I find the right type of treatment for me?

Once you’ve decided to seek recovery support, our advisers here at Rehab 4 Addiction will work with you to establish the best type of treatment programme for you, as well as find a local Glossop centre that offers these services as well as the best chance of recovery.

We will provide you with a short assessment that asks you about your addiction, how it has impacted your life, as well as the budget available for rehab. Although private rehab facilities are often viewed as out of reach by many people, there are actually treatment options to suit a variety of budgets.

What drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities are available in Glossop?

Glossop has a reliable infrastructure of professional addiction treatment facilities, which cater to all severities and types of drug and alcohol addiction.

Some treatment centres offer residential medically assisted rehabilitation programmes and others offer a range of outpatient treatment options. Your personal level of addiction and side effects, alongside any pre-existing mental health issues, will help us to advise you which type of facility will suit you best.

Residential treatment offers private and recovery focussed locations, away from the triggers and social factors of your addiction. You will be cared for by trained rehab professionals, where your physical and psychological addictive behaviours will be addressed and basic needs, such as meal preparation, will be taken care of.

This environment often provides the best possible chance of making a full and maintainable recovery from your addiction.

For those with less invasive addictions, there are drop-in treatment services available. This type of treatment option often requires a more substantial effort on your part and commitment to attend regularly, in order to obtain successful results.

What happens during rehab?

Our partner drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres in Glossop offer consistent and structured treatment options and aim to provide you with help and support every step of the way through your recovery.

At the initial appointment, you will have an informal chat about your drug and alcohol addiction in order to determine the level of addiction you have and the extent that the side effects have had on you and your life.

You can expect to be asked about your substance use, in terms of frequency and volume, how long you have taken them for and whether you are aware of why you began taking them in the first place.

There are often traumatic events of existing mental health issues that can contribute to addiction problems, and it’s helpful to know what these are before any attempts are made to recover. This will be entirely private and confidential.

Once the treatment team has established what type of treatment you need, they will design a programme to meet your specific needs. This provides you with the best chance of achieving long-term recovery.

You are also likely to be allocated a dedicated key worker, to provide you with all the support that you need throughout your recovery, and address any issues that may arise. Your treatment programme will also be reviewed regularly to ensure that it’s providing you with the best possible care.

Treatment types

A complete rehab treatment plan will consist of physical and psychological treatment options to ensure a coordinated and holistic approach to your recovery. The first stage is to tackle your body’s dependence on drugs and alcohol.

1. Supervised Detox

You’ll probably be aware that any successful addiction recovery plan will involve a detox.

A detox will allow your body to gradually relinquish its dependence on substances by gradually reducing them. In some cases, other medicines will replace recreational drugs, such as severe heroin addiction.

Detoxification needs to take place in order to recover from addiction, however, it is a dangerous process that needs to be carefully managed by trained medical professionals.

Withdrawal symptoms can be serious, and it’s important that you are supported through them in order to minimise their effects. Depending on the addiction severity and type of drugs or alcohol used, the timescale for detox can vary from two days up to two weeks.

2. Personal Therapy

One to one therapy with a trained addictions counsellor will help you to acknowledge and begin to challenge your triggers, influences and addictive behaviours.

You will receive any mental health support that you need and be given the opportunity to talk through anything that’s troubling you. Sometimes getting to the bottom of what started your addiction can be the key to your recovery, so this particular aspect of your treatment is invaluable.

3. Group Therapy

Although some people can find the concept of group therapy intimidating, it can be really reassuring to meet other people who are going through similar struggles. Through group therapy sessions you can gain perspective and form a support network that continues long past your residential rehab programme.

4. Aftercare

Once you’ve completed your drug and alcohol rehab programme in Glossop, it can be a concern to return to your previous life, with the worry of old triggers and habits reforming. Throughout your stay, however, emphasis will have been placed on self-development, and you will have gained coping mechanisms to help you tackle temptations.

Drop-in centres where you are able to talk to others with substance dependency problems will be encouraged after you return home and full aftercare support will be provided, to ensure that you are able to maintain your sobriety for many years to come.

Whenever you are ready to commit to your new life, there are some wonderful rehab services waiting for you in Glossop, to give the best opportunity at achieving long term recovery. Speak to us at Rehab 4 Addiction today, and we will help you take the first steps.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, and take the first steps into your new life.

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