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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Midhurst

Are you based in the Midhurst area? Are you struggling with potential drug or alcohol abuse? This can be a confusing situation and knowing where to find help can be challenging.

For the past 8 years in West Sussex, there have been over 30 deaths per year[1].

This number shows no sign of reducing; that’s why Rehab 4 Addiction is available to answer any questions you may have and start the road to recovery today.

In and around Midhurst, there are numerous options for treatments, including private rehabilitation centres, support groups, and detoxification specialists.

Knowing where to start or what is most suitable for you can seem like a difficult and daunting situation. Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 to begin discussing your treatment plan.

For some people, choosing a residential rehabilitation centre can be the best option.

This is because the addict is removed from triggering or tempting circumstances, allowing them to focus solely on recovery and break the cycle of addiction.

At first, we suggest a 28-day commitment period (depending on the severity of the addiction) in order to properly gauge your addiction and also get to know you as a person.

All that is asked in return is for you to make an effort and put in the hard work.

This system can seem very daunting and new, but the Rehab 4 Addiction team is here to answer any questions 24/7.

Our team is specifically trained to provide non-judgemental and friendly advice, taking into account all needs, requirements, or worries you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Drug and alcohol addiction – the symptoms

Depending on the addiction, it can sometimes be difficult to notice when a person is struggling.

Often, the addict will attempt to hide their addictive behaviours. However, noticing and identifying these behaviours early is a proven way to reduce the chance of relapse after rehab as well as having a higher chance of success.

For example, some indicators of alcoholism consist of sudden mood swings (often anger), personality changes, and an increasing number of mental health problems.

Those affected by drug abuse may suffer from similar issues such as mood swings and mental health issues, but also include complications such as insomnia and deficient personal cleanliness.

These symptoms may be something you identify in your own behaviour, but can also be detected in friends, family, or colleagues.

Witnessing, let alone experiencing, these changes can be very damaging which is why Rehab 4 Addiction is available 24/7.

No matter how urgent or relaxed, our team is prepared, trained, and ready to receive calls from all around the UK, not just in Midhurst.

Treatment programmes and detox available at Rehab 4 Addiction

Some examples of different treatments available include detoxification, psychotherapy, group and/or talking therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Completing a detox, or detoxification is an essential part of treatment. The process is often completed first, or early on during rehabilitation.

It includes removing leftover toxins from the body that have entered through drug and alcohol abuse.

This experience can be unpleasant due to potential withdrawal symptoms, but staff in rehabilitation centres are specifically trained and have dealt with this process countless times.

To just the same extent as detoxification, each one of these treatments is fully supervised, allowing you to get the most out of your experience and time at rehab.

There is also time specifically dedicated at the end of your stay, allowing you to fully relax before returning to life in Midhurst.

In addition to this, Rehab 4 Addiction also offers an aftercare service.

This service is designed to reduce the risk of relapse upon discharge, along with providing a supportive network and access to further care if necessary.

Dealing with addiction in residential rehab

Despite stereotypes and people’s visions of an ‘addict’, everyone who enters a rehabilitation centre is different. There is no one type of person or group of people.

Rehab 4 Addiction has seen a multitude of people with different backgrounds enter rehabilitation centres as part of one of our programmes.

Like most damaging diseases and illnesses, addiction is not specific to any one type of person.

This is why our staff are ready and waiting to advise and offer support to anyone who calls us at Rehab 4 Addiction.

We work closely with each client to discuss their individual needs – there is no ‘one size fits all’ for treatment programmes.

Rehabilitation centres in the modern age are far more comfortable than ever and with a range of affordable treatment programmes available we provide care through a record number of expertly trained staff.

Our staff will dedicate time specifically getting to know you and your exact needs and requirements.

By specifically dedicating your time in this way, we will be able to create a step-by-step programme to aid you in your recovery.

Start your addiction recovery immediately

If you’ve read this and are now seeking help in the Midhurst area, our team is waiting and ready to receive your call.

Speak with friendly, attentive, and non-judgemental members of Rehab 4 Addiction today to start discussing your rehabilitation needs.

Our staff will assess your situation and advise on the beginning of your rehab journey.

This assessment includes both physical and psychological elements and makes sure that we can provide the most suitable treatment programmes for you.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you – not just on yourself, but also on friends and family around you.

This cannot be left longer, or it may cause permanent damage physically, mentally, and socially.

Give us a call today on 0800 140 4690 and we can start your rehabilitation immediately.

  1. Office of National Statistics; Number of deaths related to drug poisoning, persons by local authority, England and Wales, registered in each year between 1993 and 2020


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