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Getting help in England

Although Rehab 4 Addict admits patients into our rehabilitation centres from all over the United Kingdom by far the lion’s share of our patients come from England. We are centrally located in London but our partner rehabilitation centres can be found from Newcastle upon Tyne down to Southampton. Most of our centres are located close to airports meaning our England rehabilitation centres are reachable from anywhere in the world. We are more than happy to arrange transportation plans on behalf of patients who wish to attend our England rehabilitation centres. All of our centres are residential in nature meaning you will be required to physically live within the confines of the centre in order to receive your treatment.

Receive Tailored Addiction Help with Rehab 4 Addiction

If you search the internet for rehabilitation centres in England you will likely be confused by the number of options presented to you. Allow Rehab 4 Addiction to take the guess work out of choosing an appropriately placed England rehabilitation centre. Our admissions staff maintains a network of rehabilitation centres throughout England meaning you will be placed into a centre which is well-experienced in treating your specific addiction.

Paying for Your Treatment in England

There exist three primary routes to entering our England rehabilitation centres. Firstly you are able to fund your rehabilitation privately. Secondly, we accept NHS referrals and thirdly you can pay for your rehabilitation in England via a policy of medical insurance. Private healthcare such as BUPA and AXA may also be accepted. Private paying patients are usually able to be placed in one of our England rehabilitation centres within 48 hours.

What Happens During Rehabilitation

During your stay at a rehabilitation centre in England, you will initially undergo detoxification. During this time your body will rid itself of drugs or alcohol. You will be subject to 24 hour-a-day medical observation by a team of experienced medical officers. You will be offered prescription drugs which lessen withdrawal symptoms. Four nutritious meals will be served each day containing generous portions of vitamins and minerals. Once detoxification has concluded you will attend therapy and counselling sessions. Old destructive beliefs will be torn down and replaced with positive copy strategies.

Before you leave our England rehabilitation centre our staff will draw up a relapse prevention plan. This plan will reduce the risk of relapse upon leaving our centre.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction for England Rehabilitation Today

If you are ready to enter an England residential rehabilitation centre call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Our centres are located in cities such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London. We partner with centres in more remote areas too. Call to learn the location of our centres. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form.

Featured England Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centres