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When we formulate patents’ rehabilitation programme, we do so with reference to their unique circumstances. No two programme is the same. One addict is not the same as another. A generalist approach to rehabilitation results in utter failure. Our rehabilitation programmes are thus fully tailored in meeting challenges patients face.

Programme commonalities

Notwithstanding the above, some general concepts are common amongst all rehabilitation programmes. For instance all programmes incorporate initial fact-finding during admissions, a programme of detoxification and thorough counselling and therapy sessions. And of course all programmes are designed to defeat the addiction in question so patients live a long and healthy life.

Programme length

The duration of our programmes depends on addiction severity and the drug or behaviour concerned. For instance heroin requires a longer detoxification period than ecstasy. Drugs causing physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms require longer detoxification periods than drugs with only psychologically related withdrawal symptoms.


Programmes typically run for around four weeks. We offer nine day ‘rapid detox’ programmes as well as 90 day programmes. Long term programmes are required to treat psychological aspects of addiction. Longer rehabilitation programmes are recommended where patients attempted rehabilitation unsuccessfully in the past.

Therapy and counselling sessions

For each rehabilitation programme, detoxification is followed by counselling and therapy sessions. Counselling is modified to meet the needs of each addiction concerned. Therapy is carried out either in groups or one-on-one with a therapist. Cognitive behavioural therapy is used so patients identify thoughts which promote addictive behaviours. Coping strategies are taught so patients are better able to deal with urges to relapse after leaving our centre.

Therapies we offer

Therapies we promote include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Alternative therapies (e.g. meditation and relaxation therapy)
  • Family therapy

About our staff

All programmes are managed by accredited and experienced staff. Our team consists of medical experts and drug counsellors. Staff are fully licenced and qualified where applicable. This includes doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. Our rehabilitation programmes are subject to stop-checks and assessment by relevant Government agencies. We record relapse rates by regularly checking in on past patients who are now living in recovery.

Why residential rehabilitation?

The vast majority of treatment programmes we offer take place in residential settings. This means patients live in the clinic for the treatment’s entire duration. Patients thus do not have access to drugs and alcohol for the duration of treatment. Other ‘bad influences’ such as certain ‘friends’ and places are entirely absent during treatment.

Aftercare services

All programmes include an element of aftercare. Aftercare is rehabilitation services provided to patients after they have left our centre. Aftercare lasts for up to 12 months after patients leave our centre. We believe the quality of aftercare affords us an excellent relapse prevention record.

Addictions we treat

We offer rehabilitation programmes for a number of addictions. This includes substance and behavioural-based addiction.

A list of drug and alcohol addictions we treat include:

A list of behaviour addictions we treat includes:

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