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New research reveals that drinking just a third of a pint of beer reduces your response time.

A third of a pint of beer equates to just one unit (10 grams) of alcohol. The research says alcohol’s effect on cognitive ability becomes more pronounced as you age.

Currently, the Department of Health warns people not to drink more than 2 units of alcohol per day.

The Department of Health bases this advice on older research saying you will begin to suffer from negative health implications when you choose to drink more than this amount. 2 alcohol units equates to around 16 grams of alcohol.

This new research thus contradicts the Department of Health’s advice, because it says alcohol begins to negatively affect your health when you consume just 10 grams per day, 6 grams less than the Government’s guidelines.

Could the Government’s advice be endangering the British population? Perhaps, but the Government will likely undertake its own research before it further reduces the safer upper limit of alcohol consumption.

This new research was conducted at Oxford University and published in the Journal of Public Health. The study analysed 13,342 people aged between 40 and 72. The study spanned over several years between 2006 and 2010.

Participants were asked to report on their level of alcohol consumption via interviews and questionnaires.

Alcohol does a lot more damage to health than we thought

The researchers aimed to assess how alcohol affects cognitive ability. To achieve this aim, participants were shown two cards simultaneously. The cards were shown on a computer screen.

Participants were asked to respond if the cards on the computer screen matched up. Drinking just 10 grams of alcohol negatively affected participants’ ability to undertake this simple task.

The researchers said: ‘Alcohol does a lot more damage to health than we thought.

‘We cannot hide the fact evidence is accumulating showing that [alcohol] does a lot more damage to health than we previously thought.

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