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Drug detoxification is the process where drugs you have consumed are given time to flush from your body. As drugs you consume alter your brain’s chemistry you experience a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. The severity of symptoms depends upon the specific drug you are addicted too and the duration and seriousness of your addiction. During early detoxification you may be offered prescription drugs such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to ease symptoms associated with withdrawal. You are able to opt for ‘cold turkey’ based drug detoxification when no medications are consumed.

About our drug detoxification programme

During your drug detoxification programme at our rehabilitation centre you receive 24 hour a day medical observation on an ‘inpatient’ basis. Withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored and since our detoxification programme is residential you are physically removed from bad influences which encouraged drug taking behaviour. Heroin addicts are offered sedation based withdrawal, where a number of opiate blockers are administered into the bloodstream. Other medications are available to lessen withdrawal symptoms for other drugs such as cocaine and prescription drugs. All detoxification plans are fully personalised and so medication you receive during this time is decided on a ‘case-by-case’ basis.

What happens after drug detoxification?

Once your drug detoxification programme has concluded, your programme will continue in the form of various counselling and therapy sessions. Psychotherapy is carried out by a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist in the form of group therapy and individual therapy. This stage of rehabilitation is designed to help you build powerful coping strategies to avoid relapsing once you leave.

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