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Luxury rehab

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab clinics offer an unrivalled rehab experience. During treatment at a luxury drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you will receive 5-star service. Many luxury rehab clinics are located in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

Many are located in coastal regions, meaning the sun plays a positive role in the healing process. However, there are a growing number of luxury rehab clinics in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Whilst luxury rehab may require a fairly significant financial outlay, the benefits of doing so are unarguably well worth the money. The entire experience is perfected, from the environment you in which you receive your treatment to the quality of therapists who ensure the mental aspect of addiction is taken care of.

All luxury rehabs we work with are privately owned entities. Non are associated with the NHS. This means there will exist no official record of you ever having attended a luxury rehab clinic.

This may be advantageous if you are a high profile celebrity, public figure or business executive wishing to conceal your addiction from the outside world.

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Further, all luxury rehab clinics offer fully residential treatment. This means you remain in the clinic whilst you undergo treatment. The duration of your treatment programme is usually between 14-30 days. You may elect to undergo a long-term rehab programme if you elect to do so.

Initial assessment and quality care

When you are admitted into a luxury rehab clinic, you will be fully assessed by a psychiatrist. This includes both a physical and mental assessment. Once you are assessed, you will begin a detox.

All luxury rehab clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or an equivalent body if you attend a clinic outside of the UK.

This ensures you receive an excellent standard of clinical care both during your detox and throughout your overall rehab programme.

It must be noted that going to a luxury rehab does not equate to taking a holiday. You must still be prepared to put in the required work to ensure your treatment is a success.

Although you will receive round-the-clock care and assistance, you still must be willing to fully engage with the treatment programme in order to make a full recovery.

This generally means you must attend therapy and counselling sessions every single day you remain in the luxury rehab clinic.

Luxury rehab clinics are known to excel when it comes to the variety and quality of treatments on offer.

Non-luxury rehab clinics are not able to compete with luxury clinics when it comes to the number of treatment approaches on offer.

One area where luxury rehab clinics excel is holistic therapies. Example holistic therapies on offer include yoga, meditation, reiki, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy and equine therapy.

Luxury rehabs also offer a wide range of evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and traditional psychotherapy.

Each of these treatments is highly effective at treating the mental causes of addiction. You will benefit from each of these evidence-based treatments during the course of your programme at a luxury rehab clinic.

Choosing a luxury rehab clinic

Luxury rehabs are located both in the UK and abroad. When choosing a luxury rehab, you must assess where you feel you will feel most comfortable undergoing your treatment programme.

If you wish to undergo treatment in a warm or even tropical environment, it’s possible to attend a luxury rehab clinic either in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean.

We are able to arrange your air travel on your behalf. This includes the transfer from the airport to the luxury rehab clinics. A member of staff from the rehab clinic is able to transfer you or your loved one from the airport to the clinic.

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If you wish to remain in the UK, then there are a number of options available to you in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. When you contact our helpline on 0800 140 4690, an advisor will be on hand to walk you through your various options in detail.

This will help you narrow down your search for luxury rehab no matter where you wish to undergo your treatment.

The benefits of luxury rehab

Because all luxury rehab clinics are privately-owned organisations, you will not have to submit to any form of the waiting list for your treatment to begin. The same cannot, sadly, be said for NHS treatment providers.

NHS rehabs often require lengthy waiting lists, and the fact that you attended will be entered into your official medical records. This situation is probably less than ideal if you are a celebrity or some other form of a publicly-known individual.

Luxury rehab clinics have the resources available that allow them to fully tailor your treatment plan. They do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to drug addiction treatment.

Your individual needs will be fully reflected in the type and nature of the treatment you are offered. Doing so maximises the odds of you making a full and long-term recovery from your addiction.

The stages of luxury rehab

Luxury rehab for drug and alcohol addiction begins with a detox. To ensure your detox is tailored to your needs, you will benefit from a thorough medical assessment.

Your detox will take place in residential settings. Medical professionals will be on hand to ensure your needs are met during your detox. Your detox will require around 5-7 days in order to complete.

During your detox, you will be given medication that helps to ease drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Once you detox is concluded, you will then commence daily therapy and counselling sessions. This includes both one-to-one and group therapy. Therapy sessions make use of psychotherapeutic and evidence-based treatments.

Whilst detox is about coming off drugs and alcohol safely, therapy is about building the skill set that will help you avoid relapse for the rest of your life. This skillset helps you to build coping skills that will help you fight off cravings to re-start drug and alcohol use.

Paying for luxury rehab

Luxury rehab is not an affordable option for the vast majority of people. If your budget is modest, the good news is that there are many options available that are within reach. Luxury rehab clinics typically charge around £5,000 per week.

However, you will receive an outstanding level of service for this investment. You will also be able to opt to undergo treatment in a tropical country such as Mauritius, Barbados or Jamaica.

Getting in touch to discovery luxury rehab clinics

Do you require swift admission into a luxury drug and alcohol rehab clinic? If so, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

We work with luxury and bespoke rehab clinics both in the UK and abroad. Many luxury rehab clinics are located in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. When you contact us, we shall outline the full range of luxury rehab clinics available to you.