Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction offers eating disorder treatment for those suffering from various forms of the disorder. During the admissions process, an assessment takes place helping our staff formulate a personalised eating disorder treatment plan.

Centres we recommend are typically residential in nature. Our admissions staff work tirelessly making sure you attend the best eating disorder programme for your condition. We treat patients from the age of 16 and over.

Treatment offered

The length of treatment is determined by an initial assessment. Eating disorder treatment typically lasts for around four weeks.

Since treatment typically takes place in residential settings you receive round the clock medical observation whilst your eating disorder is treated. Staff consist of doctors, psychiatric nurses, nutritionists, therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists, counsellors and volunteers.

Patients receive the benefit of aftercare following the first 12 months after discharge from our clinic. Outpatient appointments are scheduled if required.

We encourage patients to attend support groups in their local area. Aftercare is an essential element of the treatment’s overall success.

The quality of our aftercare affords our centre’s low relapse rates once patients leave our care. Patients are fully supported as they adapt back into the routines of normal life. Coping strategies are taught during therapy allowing patients to avoid situations that make relapse more likely.

Eating disorders treated

Eating disorders we treat include:

Eating disorder therapies offered

Counselling and therapy sessions are well-structured and occur throughout the day. Patients participate in a range of activates designed to harbour learning and development.

Therapies we offer include:

Therapy is designed to uncover and treat the underlying causes of eating disorders. We identify and treat a number of ‘co-occurring’ illnesses such as alcoholism and drug addiction. A period of detoxification is required if alcohol or drug addiction is a factor.

Therapy concentrates on educating patients about nutrition. Family members are encouraged to attend sessions to provide support for loved ones entering recovery.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction

Staff members are friendly and some are recovered depression sufferers. If you seek treatment taking place in tranquil and relaxing surroundings look no further.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form.