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GBL first hit the headlines around five years ago. GBL was at the time known as a ‘legal high’ but the Government has thankfully taken the necessary steps to outlaw this addictive and dangerous drug.

Users consume GBL in one of several different ways. This includes oral, intravenous or nasal ingestion. Once consumed, GBL is similar to alcohol, particularly when taken in small doses. GBL is potentially fatal when mixed with alcohol.

When GBL is mixed with alcohol, users may experience intensive breathing difficulties. This may result in coma and death. Long term GBL use is known to trigger a range of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, agitation and even suicide.

Over time users become addicted to GBL. A detox and rehabilitation treatment plan help addicted people defeat GBL addiction.

Fortunately, Rehab 4 Addiction offers comprehensive GBL recovery programmes. These treatment programmes are offered at various residential treatment centres throughout the United Kingdom.

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What is GBL?

GBL stands for gamma-butyrolactone. GBL is used in many different industrial settings, primarily as a means of stripping paint or cleaning metal. This odourless and colourless powder is typically consumed by dissolving it in water.

This drug is classed as a sedative and a depressant. Once GBL enters your body, enzymes in the liver convert it into GHB. GHB affects users by slowing down the central nervous system in a similar way to alcohol use.

How our GHL treatment programme works

Rehab 4 Addiction solely recommends residential rehab treatment for sufferers of a GBL addiction. This is because GBL withdrawal triggers a series of dangerous withdrawal symptoms requiring 24/7 medical assistance.

Upon entry to a treatment centre, you receive a thorough psychiatrically assessment. Prescription drugs are offered to you. These drugs reduce otherwise dangerous withdrawal symptoms that are triggered when GBL consumption ceases.

This ‘detox’ phase of rehabilitation lasts for around five days. Once detox is completed, you will then receive a mixture of therapies designed to treat the mental aspect of GBL addiction.

Once your GBL treatment programme draws to a conclusion, you receive a generous aftercare programme typically lasting for up to twelve months after the residential component of rehabilitation has concluded.

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