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Are you concerned either your own or your loved one’s drinking has crossed the line into so-called problem drinking? Alcoholism can pounce when you least expect it and seeking help quickly is essential in mitigating the damage alcohol abuse is capable of inflicting on your family, career, social life and personal health. Alcohol is, in essence, a poison which can lead to life-threatening illnesses including alcohol-related liver disease, dementia and heart disease.

Alcoholism is also capable of leaving lasting psychological and emotional damage on those it touches. It has been estimated it takes an entire year of abstinence to reverse the negative effects which alcoholism inflicts on the brain.

There are more than 2.5 million deaths across the entire globe every year due to alcoholism. And it is estimated over 140 million people suffer from alcoholism worldwide.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism can be considered an illness in its own right, a fact which is accepted by medical professionals throughout the world. Alcoholism is progressive in its development and means the sufferer has little power over the illness’s growth. Alcoholism is characterised by painful and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms which occur when an addict attempts to sober up. It is often impossible for the addict to make a complete recovery without some form of professional intervention. Chronic alcoholism usually takes many years to develop and usually has its origins in the sufferer’s youth.

Common symptoms of alcoholism

Symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Fail to control your drinking
  • Experience unpleasant shakes
  • Lie about your drinking
  • Crave the first drink of the day
  • Regular blackouts and memory loss as a result of your drinking

Alcohol rehab programme

If you enter our alcohol rehab centre, you will receive world-class alcoholism treatment. You will initially be subject to an alcohol detox, where alcohol will be purged from your body over a 5-10 day period. You will be subject to 24 hours a day medical observation during this time and a range of prescription drugs will be offered to you. These drugs ease otherwise painful withdrawal symptoms during your alcohol rehab programme. Once alcohol detox is completed, alcohol rehab becomes more about overcoming mental causes of alcoholism. This entails a number of therapies and counselling sessions where new positive coping strategies are taught.

At Rehab 4 Addiction,  you receive alcohol rehab treatment in a respectful and understanding manner. The bond of trust between patient and our medical team is of the utmost importance. The main goal of our alcohol rehab programme is to ensure alcohol addiction is kept at bay for the remainder of your life. A solid support system will be put in place for when you leave our centre in the form of your personalised relapse prevention plan.

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