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From the minute you enter our rehabilitation centre the first challenge to address is physical detox. During this period you begin the process of refraining from drinking alcohol. The model of rehabilitation we promote at Rehab 4 Addiction is based on total abstinence. The first five days of alcohol detox are the toughest as chemical processes in the brain are triggered due to the sudden halt in alcohol intake. Chemical processes are the root cause behind withdrawal symptoms. Rehabilitation begins once the physical detox milestone is reached. Subsequent rehabilitation takes a mental rather than a physical dimension.

Tackling the psychological components of addiction

Whilst alcohol detox is about purging alcohol from the body, rehabilitation addresses complex psychological and emotional issues giving rise to addiction. Psychological problems include post-traumatic stress disorder, various anxieties, depression and often latent psychological trauma experienced in childhood. Whilst physical detox may only take 5 to 7 days to complete, psychological recovery lasts for an entire lifetime.

Fully tailored alcohol detox

Before alcohol detox is attempted, a ‘substance abuse’ profile and history is drawn up by our admissions team. We may require, with your consent, access to medical records and any other relevant documentation. This may include documents concerning previous attempts at engaging residential or outpatient rehabilitation.

Our alcohol detox programme is open to anyone over the age of 16. All we ask is for your complete commitment to getting and staying sober. If you are not committed to this process your personalised rehabilitation programme is unlikely to succeed and your investment in the process may result in nothing.

24-hour medical observation

When you enter our detox programme you are under 24-hour a day observation by our team of medical experts. You receive support and attention required to make a full recovery. We believe the prospect of defeating your addiction without this support is bleak, and at worst could lead to death.

Rehabilitation centres we refer you to maintain an on-site pharmacy so pharmaceutical drugs are available on a prescribed basis. Such drugs are capable of fighting off severe withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens, seizures, nausea and hallucinations common during alcohol detox.

Backed up with proven therapies

Once detox is tackled a number of therapies are provided, such as; group therapy, individual therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Our commitment to providing effective therapies after detox means you leave the centre with much-needed coping strategies to fight off relapse. This ensures you do not relapse back into old destructive habits once you return to normal life. Once rehabilitation is complete, our staff put in place a structured relapse prevention plan including outpatient and community support. This plan typically includes the involvement of your local Alcoholics Anonymous group or SMART Recovery.

Healthy nutritious meals

Throughout the detox and rehabilitation process, you will receive meals rich in vitamins and minerals. The food we provide is high in nutrients as this is believed to aid the detox process.

Our detox programme takes place in tranquil settings conducive to relaxation and learning. This means you are in an optimal emotional and psychological state which in turn will help you face the darker side of withdrawal symptoms from a position of strength rather than weakness.

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Our alcohol detox programme is available to NHS and privately paying patients. We also accept payment by way of a medical insurance policy.

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