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At Rehab 4 Addiction we agree co-dependency is an addiction like any other. In fact, the scientific community has recognised co-dependency as a mental illness for more than forty years.

The DSM manual describes co-dependency as a ‘dependent personality disorder’ (DPD). Other notable DPDs include gambling addiction, sex addiction and love addiction.

But what is co-dependency?

A co-dependency disorder means the sufferer cannot experience a truly loving and caring relationship with another. Co-dependant sufferers place the needs of their partner before their own. In the 1970s co-dependency was known as ‘co-alcoholism’. This was because wives of male alcoholics displayed behaviour that could only be described as ‘irrational’.

These wives devoted their lives to their husbands, even enabling their substance misuse. These wives had little-to-no sense of self-worth, often subjecting themselves to their abuse at the hands of their husband. But strangely these wives did not wish for their husbands to change.

In fact, many of these wives sabotaged their spouses’ attempts to defeat alcoholism. Many of these wives believed they alone held the key to their husbands’ problems, a condition is now known as a ‘Messiah Complex’.

Co-dependency is a progressive disorder, often developing over many years. Co-dependency sufferers tend to suffer from other mental disorders, including substance misuse.

What does co-dependency mean today?

Fast-forwarding to the twenty-first century, co-dependency now covers a broad range of relationships involving care-giving. This includes parent-offspring relationships, carer/cared-for relationships, teacher/student relationships and employer/employee relationships amongst others.

What are codependency’s symptoms?

If you suspect you or a loved one may suffer from co-dependency then you may wish to learn the symptoms of this disorder.

Below we list the symptoms of co-dependency:

  • Putting the wishes of your partner before your own, even when it is destructive to do so
  • Low sense of self-worth
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Neglect personal hygiene
  • Reward partner even when abusive
  • Believe your relationship is fixable if you just wait long enough
  • Irrational approval seeking
  • Hold yourself at fault for your partner’s problems
  • You do not believe anyone other than yourself is able to fix your partner’s problems i.e. Messiah Complex

At Rehab 4 Addiction we do not advocate self-diagnosis of any of the disorders we treat, including co-dependency. Please contact us today on 0800 140 4690 for a more thorough assessment. Each assessment is conducted by a qualified counsellor.

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Treating co-dependency

Now you’re aware of codependency’s symptoms you may wish to learn how Rehab 4 Addiction is able to help you. Fortunately we offer a comprehensive treatment programme tailored specifically for the needs of co-dependency sufferers.

Treatment programmes are conducted on an outpatient or residential basis. We generally recommend a residential treatment programme given the high rates of success this variety of treatment affords.

Before your treatment begins a thorough pre-admission assessment takes place. This assessment is generally conducted by a counsellor over the telephone.

If you opt for residential treatment a thorough psychiatric assessment takes place. This is conducted by a qualified psychiatrist. If you suffer from substance misuse your treatment commences with a detox.

Following this, you take part in a structured intense programme of psychotherapy. Therapy aims to treat the mental aspect of co-dependency.

Once treatment draws to a conclusion a full aftercare plan is put in place. This helps you avoid returning to co-dependent behaviours once rehabilitation has concluded.

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