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If you suffer from a drug addiction of any variety then a solution to your illness probably seems like a million miles away. However with the correct rehabilitation programme your recovery goal is certainly achievable. Whilst the road to lasting recovery may be populated with bumps and setbacks, with the correct rehabilitation programme you will be well on your way to lasting recovery. The first step to change must come from within. No amount of therapy will work if the addict is not 110% committed to his or her recovery. For this reason we ask for your complete commitment to recovery before we accept your application for residential rehabilitation.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is recognised as an illness by medical professionals throughout the globe. Whilst drug use may start off as a social activity it is capable of quickly snowballing out of control so the user no longer has any control over his or her drug use. Drug use becomes a compulsion and chemicals in the user’s brain are altered so when withdrawal is attempted a number of unpleasant symptoms arise. This in turn ensures the user returns to consuming the drug in order to ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal. The cycle of drug addiction has begun.

Our drug rehabilitation programme

When you enter our centre you will take part in an initial detoxification. Depending on the type of drug you are addicted too detoxification can last for up to twelve days. During this period your body will rid itself of harmful drugs. You will be subject to 24 hour a day medical observation and a number of prescription drugs such as Naltrexone and Buprenorphine will be offered to ease the pain caused by withdrawal symptoms. However we believe rehabilitation means far more than simply detox. For this reason once detoxification concludes you will begin your programme of psychological and emotional therapy where old negative beliefs are replaced with positive coping strategies. This will mean you are less likely to relapse when you leave our centre.

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