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Rehab 4 Addiction is a specialist helpline to assist people suffering from eating disorders. Bulimia is perhaps the most common form of eating disorder in the United Kingdom today. If you suffer from bulimia, you will experience bouts of binging and purging.

Bulimia is considered a disease of the mind. This is because bulimia is a psychiatric disorder. One of the best ways to treat bulimia is to attend a bulimia rehab clinic.

When you attend a bulimia rehab clinic, you will benefit from therapy that’s specifically designed to help treat the underlying mental causes of bulimia.

You will also benefit from workshops that help you to manage a healthy diet without having to resort to the damaging habits that are identified with bulimia.

When you attend a bulimia rehab clinic, you will be assessed by a psychiatric team. This team of medical professionals will ensure your treatment programme is customised to your specific needs. This ensures your bulimia rehab treatment is highly effective.

When your rehab begins, you will generally be exposed to a variety of different treatments. This is because bulimia is typically caused by a combination of mental issues.

The therapists you work with during your bulimia rehab programme will work tirelessly in determining which particular therapies work best in helping you to eliminate bulimia for good.

Should I attend an inpatient or an outpatient bulimia rehab clinic?

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we advise you on both inpatient and outpatient rehab options. Inpatient rehab is usually recommendable for those of you who have battled with bulimia for many years.

When you undergo an inpatient bulimia rehab programme, you will reside within the rehab for the entire duration of your treatment, both during the day and during the night.

The typical rehab programme runs for around 30 days in total. Some clients will require longer rehab programmes, perhaps lasting for 60 or even 90 days in some circumstances.

Outpatient bulimia rehab means you will not reside in the rehab clinic during the evening and night time. Once daytime sessions have concluded, you will return home. Outpatient bulimia rehab is thus much less intense when compared to inpatient rehab.

We generally recommend outpatient bulimia rehab for those of you who suffer from a less severe form of bulimia. However, even when bulimia is less severe, it still pays to invest in inpatient rehab due to the level of treatment intensity on offer.

To reiterate, inpatient rehab for bulimia is essential under the below conditions:

  • You have a long history of suffering from bulimia
  • You’ve tried to undergo outpatient treatment in the past but the treatment failed
  • You lack access to a strong support network
  • You have self-harmed or thought about committing suicide
  • You also suffer from substance abuse
  • You suffer from a sore throat due to excess vomiting
  • You require medical attention due to complications arising from your bulimia

Who is bulimia rehab for?

To determine whether you suffer from bulimia, you are recommended to visit your local GP. Your GP will be able to diagnose whether you suffer from bulimia. You may also benefit from a free bulimia assessment and diagnosis by contacting Rehab 4 Addiction.

If you suspect you are suffering from bulimia, it’s important to act without delay in determining whether your suspicions are correct or not.

Below, we list some of the signs of  bulimia:

  • You suffer from severe depression
  • Your Body Mass Index falls well below what’s considered healthy for your age and height
  • You suffer from malnourishment
  • You frequently go to the toilet after eating
  • You hide food away so it appears you have eaten when you have not
  • You are obsessed with your weight

If you are diagnosed with bulimia, then going to a bulimia rehab clinic is highly advisable. When you attend a bulimia rehab clinic, you will begin to receive specialised therapy that aims to treat the underlying mental causes of bulimia. Generally, the earlier you attend a bulimia rehab clinic, the better.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we outline the benefits you obtain by attending a bulimia rehab clinic. We offer advice if you suspect your loved one is suffering from bulimia.

We also offer an intervention service where we may travel to your home and conduct an in-person intervention, thus helping your loved one realise the value and need to obtain inpatient bulimia rehab treatment.

How much does a bulimia rehab programme cost?

The cost of going to a bulimia rehab depends on a number of factors. If you attend a rehab clinic based outside of London, you should expect to pay less compared to attending a rehab clinic inside London.

Generally, it costs more money to attend rehab in the South of England compared to similar treatment offered in the North or West.

The amount of time you spend in a bulimia rehab clinic also impacts the amount of money you must spend on your treatment.

If you attend a four-week inpatient programme, you should expect to pay anywhere between £3,000 and £10,000. If you wish to attend an outpatient rehab clinic, you should still expect to pay several thousand pounds given the fact these programmes are usually run over several months or even years.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we recommend to you bulimia rehab clinics that are affordable and thus well within your reach.

Will my confidentiality be respected if I attend a bulimia rehab clinic?

When you attend a bulimia rehab clinic, privacy and confidentiality is a key component of the service you receive. The personal information you provide to the rehab clinic will be held in strict confidence. Information will only be shared with third parties where your consent is expressly sought and granted.

With your consent, bulimia rehab clinics may work with other agencies or treatment providers in order to progress your treatment goals. However, rehab clinics shall only take such steps where it is in your best interest and where you agree for them to do so.

How long does a residential bulimia rehab programme last?

The amount of time you will require within a bulimia rehab clinic will be determined by an initial assessment before your treatment begins. The exact recommended duration of your treatment programme will be continuously re-assessed during your stay.

The majority of people attending a bulimia rehab clinic will remain within the clinic for around four weeks.

Some clients will require more time within a rehab clinic for their treatment to be considered a success.

Factors that are known to increase the amount of time you require within a bulimia rehab clinic include the severity of your illness, the amount of time you have suffered from bulimia, medications you may require and the existence of any dual-diagnosis mental health issues that aggravate your bulimia.

What sort of treatment will I receive during a bulimia rehab programme?

Bulimia is treated through a vast array of different therapy techniques. Treatment begins with an initial evaluation. During this evaluation, the therapy team will design the specific treatments that you will undertake during your time at a bulimia rehab clinic.

You will generally benefit from a variety of cognitive, behaviour, and holistic therapies. These therapies allow you to recognise and then manage the mental causes of bulimia.

Below, we list some of the treatments you will receive during your bulimia rehab programme:

Will I be given any medications during my bulimia rehab?

Rehab clinics will generally attempt to avoid giving you medication unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. However, you may be prescribed with anti-anxiety or anti-depressants during the course of your treatment programme to help treat the underlying mental causes of bulimia.

When you attend a residential bulimia rehab clinic, you will benefit from 24/7 medical attention. You will not be responsible for taking your own medications. Instead, a member of the clinical team will dispense your medication to you according to a set schedule that’s authorised by a medical doctor.

What happens at the conclusion of a bulimia rehab programme?

When your inpatient bulimia rehab programme concludes, you will benefit from an extended and intensive aftercare programme. During aftercare sessions, you will return to the clinic where you attended for inpatient rehab.

You will also be encouraged to attend bulimia support groups in your local area. Aftercare sessions combined with support groups allow you to avoid a relapse and help you remain happy and healthy for the unforeseeable future.

How do I book into a bulimia rehab clinic?

To enquire about attending a bulimia rehab clinic in your local area, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or contact us through this website.

When you get in touch, we carry out a bulimia telephone assessment. We then pass your information on to suitable bulimia clinics in your local area.

We also advise you on the different forms of bulimia treatment that are on offer in your local and surrounding areas. This includes inpatient and outpatient treatment.