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Many suffering from Ketamine addiction begin so by taking the drug as a  ‘party high’. However, users are quickly gripped into a powerful psychological addiction that can be tough to beat without professional help.

As with most drugs the user will build up a tolerance to taking Ketamine and a higher quantity of the drug becomes necessary in order to get ‘high’.

Withdrawal can become problematic as a number of painful withdrawal symptoms emerge which tend to force the user back into use of the drug.

How Ketamine addiction works

Ketamine is known to ‘distort’ the user’s perception of reality. A feeling of separation between body and mind is often reported to occur. This ‘dissociation’ effect has led users to describe the Ketamine ‘high’ as the ‘k-hole’. This state can lead to permanent neurosis where the user is trapped in a distorted cognitive state.

Users often take Ketamine in order to escape depression and anxiety. Unlike alcohol or heroin addiction, an addiction to Ketamine is not physical in nature. The addiction is instead purely psychological.

Health implications of Ketamine addiction

The health implications of Ketamine addiction include:

  • Loss of balance
  • Tachycardia
  • Nausea
  • Amnesia
  • Anxiety

How our Ketamine rehabilitation works

Your Ketamine rehabilitation programme will be structured as follows:

How our Ketamine detoxification works

During detoxification, you will be subject to 24 hours a day medical observation whilst Ketamine is allowed to be flushed from your body. Psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with Ketamine detoxification will be closely monitored and you may be offered a number of prescription drugs which ease these symptoms. Ketamine detoxification lasts for around 5-7 days.

Following detoxification, your rehabilitation programme will shift to counselling and therapy sessions. A range of ‘talking therapies’ will be initiated where you will explore the underlying causes of your addiction.

Importantly you will be armed with powerful coping strategies which will prevent your relapse back into ketamine addiction upon leaving the centre.

Ketamine counselling and therapy

Therapies come in the form of ‘individual’ or one-on-one therapy with a trained psychiatrist or psychologist. ‘Group’ therapy will also be an integral component of your treatment for Ketamine addiction where you will attend group sessions consisting of 4-10 other patients.

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