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At Rehab 4 Addiction we aid people to fight addiction to numerous illegal and legal drugs alike. When you think of addiction treatment, you probably vision a bunch of people addicted to drugs like cocaine and heroin.

However, by far the most common reason for a patient entering addiction treatment is to recover from an addiction to Nicotine. Alcohol is a close second. Below we outline how exactly residential or ‘inpatient’ rehabilitation can help you too finally escape the grip of Nicotine addiction and stop smoking for good.

How Nicotine addiction works

Nicotine is a powerful drug derived from the leaves of the tobacco plant. Nicotine is consumed in a number of ways including smoking, chewing and even sniffing. Each cigarette or cigar an addict consumes contains roughly 10 mg of nicotine.

Around 1-2 mg is absorbed into the bloodstream and the remaining Nicotine is expelled into the environment upon exhalation. When Nicotine is pulled into the lungs it enters the bloodstream and makes its way to the brain.

Nicotine mimics the neurotransmitter ‘acetylcholine’ where it locks into the acetylcholine’s receptors in the brain.

The circulatory system is put into overdrive and the body releases glucose giving a similar feeling to a ‘sugar rush’. Dopamine is also released which is the body’s ‘feel-good’ chemical. Nicotine addiction works in a similar manner to heroin or cocaine addiction since both of those drugs affect the brain’s dopamine levels too.

Besides Nicotine, cigarettes and cigars contain other harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. Tar causes life-threatening diseases such as emphysema, bronchial and lung cancer.

Affecting chemicals in the brain

Over time the body will stop producing acetylcholine and the body needs Nicotine instead in order to maintain normal levels of dopamine.

This is why smokers feel depressed when the withdrawal of the drug is attempted. Powerful cravings will mean relapse is likely.

Why residential rehabilitation for Nicotine addiction?

Residential rehabilitation has been proven to be very effective in treating Nicotine addiction. Rehabilitation which is residential in nature is the most intensive form of addiction therapy for Nicotine addiction available.

When you opt for our Nicotine addiction rehabilitation you will stay in our centre on an ‘inpatient’ basis. This means you will not have access to the ‘triggers’ which otherwise mean you relapse back into your Nicotine addiction. This could include people, places and of course the drug itself.

Your rehabilitation programme will commence with a programme of detoxification. You will be subject to 24 hours a day medical observation where withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Typical withdrawal symptoms associated with Nicotine detoxification include:

  • Intense cravings for the drug
  • Lack of attention
  • Insomnia
  • Increased appetite
  • Mood swings

Since you will receive 24 hours a day medical observation during detoxification, your urge to return to smoking cigarettes or cigars will be prohibited.

A number of prescription drugs may be offered to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with Nicotine detoxification.

How therapy helps defeat Nicotine addiction

Once you have reached the detoxification milestone, you will begin the rehabilitation phase proper. You will take part in numerous therapies and counselling sessions. Cognitive-behavioural therapy will be employed so you identify negative mindsets which trap you in your addiction.

Likewise, you will build up powerful coping strategies so you do not relapse back into your Nicotine addiction upon leaving our rehabilitation centre. Upon leaving the centre a relapse prevention strategy will be put in place.

We encourage our rehabilitation patients to work within their communities to ensure relapse does not occur. For this reason, we work with local Nicotine Anonymous groups throughout the United Kingdom. We will recommend you to one such group with your agreement.

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