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Crystal meth has stormed the United Kingdom in the last twelve months. No longer can this drug be described solely as a US phenomenon. We expect to see a steady rise in the number of casualties this terrible drug leaves behind.

Each day we receive a call from a person in need of rehab treatment for crystal meth addiction. Five years ago this was a rare occurrence.

This increase in the occurrence of crystal meth addiction has prompted us to devise tailored treatment programmes for crystal meth addicts. You are able to take advantage of this treatment by calling us today on 0800 140 4690.

What is crystal meth?

Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine and it is classed as a stimulant. Chemically, crystal meth is an amphetamine. Other amphetamines include speed and ‘base’. If you are addicted to crystal meth then it is likely you consume this substance via inhalation.

Here the crystalline form of methamphetamine is typically grounded down and inserted into a pipe. However, some crystal meth users may choose to consume the drug orally, intravenously or nasally. Crystal meth’s effects on the human brain are entirely psychological. Users feel an intense feeling of self-confidence and even euphoria.

Unfortunately, crystal meth consumption presents a number of medium and long-term health risks. These include insomnia, weight loss, dental erosion, muscle atrophy and even blindness.

Crystal meth abuse can lead to psychosis as well as death. For this reason, it is essential you receive treatment for your crystal meth addiction without any unnecessary delay. The longer you wait for treatment, the more likely you are to suffer long-term psychological and physical health problems as a result.

Crystal meth treatment we offer

Through the experience of treating hundreds of crystal methusers, we believe the only viable treatment option is residential rehabilitation treatment. This is because when you stop taking crystal meth a powerful withdrawal process is precipitated.

You will require 24/7 medical attention. We believe only residential based treatment is capable of offering this heightened level of support. Residential treatment requires you to live inside the treatment centre for the entire course of your programme.

Residential treatment programmes typically last for up to 28 days. The duration of your crystal meth treatment programme is determined before your treatment begins. Factors affecting the duration of your treatment include the severity and duration of your crystal meth addiction.

The specifics of residential treatment

When you enter a crystal meth rehab unit you must be willing to undergo a detox programme. During detox, your system is purged of crystal meth. Once detox is complete you must join therapy and counselling sessions.

Here you are armed with a strong mental foundation required to fight off crystal method cravings you will experience following the completion of rehabilitation. Following the residential part of rehabilitation, you are offered a generous package of aftercare.

Here you are permitted to return to your rehabilitation centre for a further twelve months following the residential stage of recovery. Aftercare ensures your recovery is not short-lived.

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