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At Rehab 4 Addiction we offer a rehabilitation programme to meet the needs of our patients who suffer from a sleeping pill addiction.

Sleeping pills our patients find themselves addicted to often include tranquilisers and sedatives which were originally prescribed to them by their GP to help with sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

However, even when the original disorder has long since past our patients remain addicted to sleeping pill.

Sleeping pill addictions we treat

Common sleeping pills which our patients become addicted to include:

How our sleeping pill detoxification works

When you choose Rehab 4 Addiction as your competent sleeping pill rehabilitation programme provider you will be subject to initial detoxification. During this, period sleeping pill toxins will be flushed from your system.

This may include dosage ‘tapering’ when the consumption of sleeping pills is gradually cut. You will be given the option of attempting ‘cold turkey’ based detoxification where you will suddenly cease to ingest sleeping pills.

The detoxification process will take place entirely in residential settings, meaning you will not have access to your chosen sleeping pills when you detox. You will also be removed from people and places which you associate with your sleeping pill addiction.

Sleeping pill withdrawal symptoms

There are a number of withdrawal symptoms associated with sleeping pill detoxification. You will receive 24 hours a day medical observation during the detoxification stage where symptoms will be closely monitored.

Common sleeping pill withdrawal includes:

  • Muscle pain
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Digestive problems
  • Convulsions

Post detox counselling sessions

Once you have reached the detoxification milestone, your rehabilitation programme will shift to tackling the psychological component of your addiction. You will receive group therapy and individual therapy sessions.

During group therapy, you will attend small group sessions with around 4-10 other patients who sit in a circle and discuss experiences with their respective addiction.

Individual therapy involves you spending one-on-one sessions with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist where you will discover new insights into your addictive behaviour.

The focus on all forms of therapy will be to supply you with powerful coping strategies so you do not relapse upon leaving the rehabilitation centre.

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If you are ready to enter residential treatment for your sleeping pill addiction then give Rehab 4 Addiction a call today. Sleeping pill addiction treatment could save your life and the cost of the treatment is usually minuscule in comparison to the cost associated with the continuation of addiction.

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