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Crack cocaine is one of the most addictive substances available today. Crack cocaine has devastated entire communities in many countries around the world from Mumbai to Maidstone.

The crack addict knows no limits in the steps he or she will take in order to obtain this powerful drug. Crack cocaine addiction is usually accompanied by criminal tendencies.

How is crack cocaine produced?

Drug dealers remove hydrochloride from cocaine during a process known as ‘freebasing’. Cocaine powder is dissolved in water and baking soda. This mixture is then boiled until a rock substance is formed. The name ‘crack’ arose because of the crackling noise the drug makes when smoked.

Since crack is significantly less expensive than cocaine the less well-off are disproportionately hit by its use, particularly in urban areas such as London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Health dangers due to crack cocaine

When crack cocaine is inhaled chemicals rush to the brain. The brain releases all of its dopamine content causing intense feelings of pleasure. Once dopamine is released crack prevents the brain from producing more dopamine.

This makes the user feel depressed and the cycle of addiction begins. Crack cocaine has a deadly effect on users’ circulatory system. Blood pressure is quickly increased upon consumption which can lead to cardiac arrest and stroke.

Crack cocaine addiction is known to lead to all manner of psychological and physical ailments. Withdrawal symptoms from crack cocaine onset within a few hours after its use and can include paranoia, psychosis and extreme hallucinations.

Withdrawal from crack cocaine is known as ‘crashing’ when users feel extremely anxious and paranoid. It is extremely difficult for an addict to withdraw from the drug without professional assistance.

About our crack cocaine rehabilitation programme

Our crack cocaine rehabilitation programme typically takes place in a residential or ‘inpatient’ basis. When you begin our crack cocaine rehabilitation programme you are subject to 24 hours a day medical observation and prescription drugs such as Ibogaine may be offered to ease intense withdrawal symptoms. Our medical team closely monitor withdrawal symptoms throughout this period.

Crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms occur just several hours after the drug was last consumed.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

Once crack cocaine detoxification concludes, you receive a number of ‘holistic’ therapies. These include group and individual therapy sessions run by qualified counsellor or therapies. Therapy and counselling mean old negative beliefs are replaced by powerful coping strategies.

When the time to leave our rehabilitation centre comes, our medical team draws up a personalised relapse prevention plan. This means you are less likely to relapse upon returning to your normal life outside our centre.

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