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A shocking and tragic story has emerged involving a young Bolton-based family. A mother-of-two tragically passed away after drinking around a bottle of wine each day for fourteen years. The mother also consumed cocaine on a daily basis in order to ‘self-medicate’ discomfort caused by Tinnitus.

The mother, Claire Fielding, suffered from a fatal overdose after consuming a massive 4g of cocaine and around half a bottle of wine.

Her partner frantically called an ambulance to revive his partner.

Witnesses said they saw Fielding emerge from her home with blue lips and she was clearly struggling to breathe.

Her partner, James Goodyear, said: ‘She had hearing problems which deteriorated more recently.

‘She also had problems with panic attacks and with her breathing. There were two or three occasions where she had struggled to breathe.

‘She did drink about half a bottle of wine most nights, regularly. She suffered from tinnitus and that’s what calmed her. It was this buzzing in her ears all the time.’

Goodyear says he knew of Fielding’s cocaine addiction, but he was unaware of the extent of her problem. He claims Fielding’s addiction to cocaine could cost as much as £250 a day to fund.

Goodyear recounts his experiences the day Fielding died: ‘I knew that she took cocaine at weekends sometimes. It was a form of self-medication for her.

‘She was quite a private person really. She never really said what was going through her head.

‘The week that she died had been quite a hot week, and she had started to lose her voice and it was quite croaky.

‘She had problems with her breathing two or three times before that I knew about, and twice at work.

‘On the day of her death, I went upstairs and woke her up, because she couldn’t hear the alarm and went back downstairs.

‘She came down into the kitchen, she was gasping for breath and said ‘ring an ambulance.’

‘She was going to the back door for some fresh air but as I was on the phone to the ambulance she started to go to the front door.

‘I had seen her like this before. Her lips had started to go blue but they had gone back to normal by the time the ambulance arrived. She wasn’t in a good state.’

Lessons we can learn

This case illustrates the dangers of ‘self-medicating’ with illegal drugs. Goodyear admits he only ‘knew what Fielding wanted him to know’ regarding her drug habits and that ‘her Tinnitus put her in a shell.’

Fielding also had a tracheostomy inserted into her neck to help her breathe. She has this inserted in February 2016 because her throat had become inflamed due to her cocaine use.

Fielding did not tell her doctor she was injecting cocaine, claiming she was consuming the drug by inhaling it. However, it has now emerged that Fielding injected cocaine into her system.

Fielding had been referred to Bolton Drug and Alcohol service, although Fielding did not fully engage with the service offered to her.

A post mortem revealed Fielding died of sudden cardiac failure due to cocaine use. The report said Fielding consumed a large quantity of cocaine the night before she passed away.

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Rehab 4 Addiction hopes this case serves as a warning of the real dangers people risk when they chose to consume cocaine. However, we believe addiction is a disease of the mind, and a logical understanding of the risks associated with the addiction is seldom enough to stop.

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