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For many who are struggling with drug addiction, oftentimes admitting you do have a problem is the first and the hardest step. Once you can do this and are willing to receive and ask for help, it is going to be a far easier process to get you the help you truly do require.

So, why should you go to a long-term drug rehab facility, rather than try to do it on your own?

Or, in that case, to an outpatient centre for a few days at a time?

There are many great benefits of a long-term plan you’re going to focus on while in treatment.

What Constitutes “Long-Term”?

A long-term rehab treatment centre is one which the patient is going to be in rehab for a period of 30 days or more.

In many cases, they might require months, and for some patients, who do have severe addiction issues or those who have been long term users of drugs, you are going to find that it takes up to a year to get the proper help you need.

The time you’re in rehab is going to differ in each case. But, for the most part, it is going to be a minimum of one month for those who are checking into a long-term care centre, to help them with the treatment of their addiction.

What Happens at Long-Term Rehab?

There are different paths for different patients who go to a long-term treatment centre. In most cases, you are going to go through the 12-step recovery process.

This is essential not only so you can learn to stop using drugs, but so you can figure out the underlying reasons as to why you began using in the first place. This is going to help offset your desire to reuse and abuse again in the future.

Additionally, patients are often going to go to:

  • Therapy in one-to-one as well as group sessions
  • Receive medical care
  • Go through the detox phase
  • Other treatment options based on the type of addiction as well as the severity of their addiction

No two plans are going to be exactly the same. Every person is different, and in each case, each individual is going to require a different form of treatment in order to get the real help they require, in order to stop using drugs and to stay clean in the future as well.

Furthermore, in many cases, some people require additional care, or therapies, in order to figure out the underlying reasons they have abused in the past. And, this will help to prevent them from reusing again in the future.

What are the Benefits of Long Term Rehab?

So, why should you choose drug rehab and long-term centres, as opposed to just checking into a local outpatient centre for a few days? There are many reasons that you are going to find it beneficial to go in for a longer stint.

One of the main reasons is the fact that you are secluded. So, you are in a centre, and you are nowhere near the people, situations, or the instances, which initially led you down the path to drug use.

You have no access to drugs, so you are going to learn that it is possible for you to live your life without them.

There is no way to get drugs into the facility, so you are going to be secluded from anything that is going to distract you from getting the help you need, to ensure you do get clean and are on the road to recovery over time that you are there.

Some of the additional benefits include the fact that:

  • You get counselling and therapy
  • You can get one-to-one sessions
  • You go into group therapies and learn from others
  • You have medical attention on-site, and there if you ever need it
  • You have the help you need to get through the toughest periods of withdrawal you are going to go through
  • You are going to learn what it is like to be without drugs in your system, so you can recover
  • You have the support of others who are in a similar situation that you are in
  • The facilities are clean, you get your own room and open/secluded spaces for you to roam around
  • You have access to the staff any time you require it

So, whether you have a question, or if you need help to cope with something that you are going through which is particularly hard for you, it is going to allow you to have the people there, who know how to guide you and can help you get through that tough period during your road to recovery

Lastly, you have the help you need after the treatment is over. So, if you are considering relapse or going through a tough time, you can reach out to the team to help you through it, and to keep you on course.

Is Long Term Rehab Right for You?

Every individual is going to differ in the types of treatment that they are going to respond to when they are going through drug addiction treatment. But, for most, long-term care is the way to go.

This is even truer if you have tried and failed in the past, or if you are a long term user, or if it is a chronic condition. If you have gone through this for years, and have never had the strength to quit on your own, there is a reason.

You are not on your own, and you are not the only person who is going through those difficulties.

Drug rehab is a difficult time, not only for you but for your family as well as for your loved ones.

You need to get help from those who are qualified, and actually know what it takes to help you get clean, and to stay clean. Long-term drug rehab is the way to go when you want to live a drug-free life.

Don’t struggle alone

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Jamie is a writer for several addiction and recovery publications. Jamie is in recovery himself.  He particularly enjoys writing about his experiences with meditation, religion and holistic therapies.