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Looking to achieve deeper levels of relaxation that can help alleviate pain and anxiety? Look no further. The Satori Chair is a new type of technology that distributes vibrational frequencies to targeted areas of the body and incurs deeper levels of meditation.

These lounge chairs are designed to deliver a zero-gravity experience, which refreshes the mind and body. It also allows the user to listen to their favourite music or sounds for an added level of care. Different frequencies such as alpha, theta, and delta sounds are provided for their therapeutic and beneficial effects.

What Does The Satori Chair Treat?

The Satori Chair treats depression, anxiety, and trauma with its unique and innovative technology. It helped veterans defeat the symptoms of PTSD after returning from the Iraq war. These capabilities help soldiers to transition and re-balance to civilian life faster and with less pain and struggle. [1]

Thanks to some of the foremost rehabilitation centres and clinics throughout the world, these specially-made chairs have found their way into the civilian arena to assist people who are battling cancer, ADHD, and drug or alcohol addiction.

How Does the Satori Chair Work?

Using specifically targeted frequencies, the Satori Chair can draw the body in toward a REM-like state, helping the patient experience a more restful and peaceful condition for combating restlessness, anxiety, stress, or addictive compulsions.

This is achieved through Theta frequencies. Delta frequencies help promote regenerative properties that helps painful withdrawal symptoms.

What Are The Benefits of Satori Chair Therapy?

Research is showing the effectiveness of massage chairs in mitigating anxiety and stress, commonly associated symptoms for patients facing the effects of withdrawal or going through detox. The Satori Chair was crafted for patients to enjoy safe and reliable treatment – without the need for medication.

During a study, the Satori Chair had an 87% success rate amongst rehab patients. The U.S. military has continued using it overtime for its powerful benefits to those recovering from battlefield trauma.

Tell Me More About Biofeedback Therapy for Addiction

Biofeedback therapy is a unique and ingenious, all-natural approach to therapy. It utilises subsequent alpha, theta, and delta wave pattern frequencies to place both the mind and the body in an optimal state. This is to restore the body to health and achieve a deeper level of natural rest.

These frequencies help them overcome the persistent urges and anxiousness they may be facing to help them gain the strength they need to be successful.

Is It Successful?

Yes. The Satori Chair has been used instead of morphine to reduce recovery times and combat surgery anxiety in over 100 separate cases. It also has become a popular fixture within the spa and massage world.  Satori developed their own Satori Spa and Satori Wellness systems to cater to this market in a more targeted and specific way. [2]

Patients are able to cut back on their reliance on pharmaceuticals which helps provide more versatility in the overall recovery approach. It also grants more people a positive chance at success. People who’ve used the Satori Chair for a wide range of purposes have reported a positive outcome, from weight loss and addiction to numerous disorders and physical or psychological conditions.

What are The Improvements to Wellbeing?

Aside from alleviating pain and anxiety within the patient, the Satori Chair helps to deter a recovering individual’s strong impulse to use substances. It does this by bringing the entire body into a state of harmony and oneness with itself.

This approach helps put the subject in total control over their recovery. It does away with inhibiting and distracting mental and physical pain or tension. Having the ability to let go of debilitating pain and find a more balanced and peaceful centre deep within oneself allows the patient to feel focussed and renewed in their struggle against addiction.

What Happens When You Experience the Chair?

Individuals who have used the system have reported an improvement in mood, less agitation or irritability. They also noted a more positive outlook regarding their situation and odds for a successful recovery. Once the patient has a stronger foundation for success, they can give their recovery full and undivided attention.

This drastically improves the odds of leaving the rehabilitation centre with a new perspective on life and causing the lessons learnt to have a more lasting and profound impact on the future.

Which Rehab Facility Can I Access This Treatment and What is That Centre Like?

The Kusnacht Practise, in Switzerland, is one such luxurious and premium rehabilitation centre that features the Satori Chair.

This state-of-the-art facility employs a multidisciplinary approach that diagnoses the patient in a number of key areas. This includes psychological, medical, biochemical and more. It is a sought-after location for some of the world’s most important and recognised individuals.

Many outstanding services help The Kusnacht Practise stand apart from the pack. These include dual diagnosis programmes, art and music therapy, yoga, a personally assigned counsellor and chef for each and every resident.

A world-renowned rehabilitation centre often graced by celebrities is a testament to the Satori Chair’s effectiveness for recovering patients.


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