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What is Luxury Rehab Like?

Picturing luxury rehab can be like trying to imagine the view of the earth from the moon. If you’ve never seen it, how can you know what it looks like?

Concepts that are unfamiliar to us can seem completely foreign. Likewise, the idea of high-end rehab can seem unusual without the opportunity or the contacts to have experienced it yourself.

Addiction affects all types of people, regardless of culture, socio-economic background, or personality.

Therefore, one person’s shoes may not fit another, with our differences meaning drug and alcohol treatment centres need to provide a broader range of needs. Therefore, anyone considering rehab should consider their needs.

Will a sterile and basic clinical setting suit someone accustomed to a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle?

This clinical setting can breed depression and be counterproductive for those used to more uplifting environments.

However, luxury rehab can be a perfect choice as it combines effective treatment, appropriate location, and high-end facilities. Deprivation is not helpful when overcoming addiction.

What To Expect at Luxury Rehab?

It’s ok to expect a whole different level of service when entering luxury rehab. Paying a lot for a treatment programme can lead to higher expectations about comfort and services.

However, exclusive treatment centres often provide the same amenities and services you’d expect to find in a luxury hotel.

Paying more for rehab essentially means more comfort, more amenities, and more benefits. The setting is one of the main differences between luxury and basic recovery.

Rather than spending their whole treatment program in a hospital or clinical setting, patients experience a different world.

Admittedly this world resembles the stereotypical resort-like environment. But stereotypical as it might be, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

There’s a reason luxurious rehab feels like a five-star resort, as it allows your mind and body to prosper with a variety of therapy options, comfortable settings and amenities, and a range of activities.

Do you feel pulled in five different directions, are life’s stresses and strains make it impossible for you to battle addiction.

Overcoming your addiction can feel insurmountable when life is stressful, and many turn to addiction due to the inability to deal with what life throws at them.

However, the serene atmosphere and focus on the holistic aspects of recovery from high-end rehab centres can aid sobriety as it separates us from the stresses of everyday life.

Why Not Talk It Out?

An inpatient programme that mirrors a retreat is essential for those who want to escape the hardships and challenges of life and focus on their recovery.

In addition, those attending luxury rehab often have a higher disposable income than others and expect a certain amount of comfort not provided by basic rehab centres.

An essential aspect of luxury rehab is the amount of time you’ll get with a therapist, which is substantially more than standard rehab.

The quality also has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the treatment programme. You’ll have the chance to talk about your feelings through highly effective individual and group therapy. [1]

Therapy is also much easier when you’re relaxed. The serene vacation typesetting that comes with expensive rehab means opening up in a comfortable environment is much easier for those who struggle to open up.

Separation from your everyday problems is possible with the therapeutic quiet of nature that comes from luxury rehab.

This relaxing environment often comes in the form of somewhat isolated but stunningly serene locations.

Beaches, mountains, desert huts might come to mind, which isn’t far off the mark. This form of isolation and privacy from public eyes and the paparazzi is essential for high profile celebrities.

Facilities Not Just for the Famous

Luxury rehabs wouldn’t be luxurious without the fantastic facilities that those paying for them come to expect.

But unfortunately, the top-class facilities are usually what whacks up the price with expensive rehab but remember, and you get what you pay for.

Some of the luxury facilities you’ll find include:

  • Occasional room service
  • Personal, ensuite bathrooms
  • Fitness classes such as spinning, Pilates or yoga
  • Comfortable resort-style room with beds to match
  • Gourmet and nutritious meals cooked by expert chefs as per dietary needs
  • Extravagant exercise options such as golf, volleyball, tennis, and other sports

Essential rehab will only provide:

  • Shared bathrooms
  • Lower quality meals
  • Only basic exercise options
  • Shared rooms or basic rooms

High-end rehab facilities give you the option to stay active with not only these activities listed but with more mind-clearing opportunities such as hiking.

The often remote allows for peaceful and invigorating hikes as you stretch your muscles and let the blood flow. It’s been proven that exercise has a positive effect on mental health and addiction recovery. [2]

Clearing your mind and letting the process of recovery flow through you is possible with these and other alternate varieties of therapeutic.

These therapies include holistic treatments like meditation, reiki (energy clearance), acupuncture and even unusual treatments such as equine therapy.

Individuals work with and care for a horse during their treatment.

Enabling relaxation and healing can make it easier to achieve sobriety and, unfortunately, are unlikely to be found in any standard facilities.

Treating Addiction, The Luxury Way

High-end treatment centres aren’t just about staying in a fancy room in a resort-like setting, meditating, and hiking. There’s no doubt that the focus of high-end facilities is helping you achieve recovery, not just about giving you a pleasant time.

With a reputation for these fancy facilities, no one could blame you for thinking that’s all you’ll get.

However, top-end rehab centres make achieving recovery accessible with the utmost care from many psychologists and counsellors that come with esteem, respect, and full credentials.

In addition, achieving sobriety is easier with the high success rate of individual therapy, an essential aspect of the luxury rehab experience.

Opposite to basic rehab, luxury facilities usually provide the best and most extensive access to therapists. Better access to individual counselling and group therapy comes from the high patient to therapist ratio.

Group therapy is a common expectation and essential in any high-end facility. People benefit from knowing they can share their feelings with others who can relate, sharing their problems, life experiences, lifestyles, and addictions.

Allowing people to connect with those with a similar story is essential in providing a connection helpful to recovery.

Not only can this provide motivation and inspiration, but it also provides the groundwork and space needed to come past the mental barriers of addiction, a common aspect no matter the facility.

In addition, the twelve-step meetings combined with a treatment program are invaluable in the ongoing support luxury rehab provides.

With this support and a relapse prevention programme, there is a higher chance of patients connecting to their rehab goals even after treatment has finished.

Don’t be fooled and put off by the luxurious and comfortable settings and amenities of luxury rehab. The goal of luxury rehabilitation is always to provide an efficient and long-term recovery treatment programme.

Unfortunately, many people choose luxury rehab because they can afford the luxurious amenities, services, and holistic and therapeutic activities.

But even if you think you can’t afford it, you should always try to make high-end addiction treatment an option to give yourself the best chance of success in recovery.





Boris is our editor-in-chief at Rehab 4 Addiction. Boris is an addiction expert with more than 20 years in the field.  His expertise covers a broad of topics relating to addiction, rehab and recovery. Boris is an addiction therapist and assists in the alcohol detox and rehab process. Boris has been featured on a variety of websites, including the BBC, Verywell Mind and Healthline.