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In this blog post, we share a highly informative and eye-opening infographic titled ‘the UK’s Plastic Surgery Addiction’.

The infographic outlines the worrying upward trend in the number of people willing to put themselves forward for this type of unnecessary surgery.

The infographic states that boob jobs are by far the most common plastic surgery procedure, followed by eyelid operations, breast reductions, facelifts and tummy tucks in order of commonality.

Women are much more likely to become addicted to plastic surgery compared to men. For instance, less than 1 in 10 operations are for men.

The infographic also gives a geographic split down for the popularity of plastic surgery procedures. People living in Sheffield and London are most likely to undergo plastic surgery, whilst people living in the Outer Hebrides are least likely to undergo plastic surgery.

Without further ado, here’s the plastic surgery addiction infographic:

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