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There are many treatment options available for people struggling with drug addiction. And one such option is an NAD+ IV detox for a drug and alcohol detox. In this article, we are going to be looking at what this treatment involves and how it can be of benefit in tackling addiction problems.

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is an enzyme that is naturally produced within our bodies as a way of aiding cells in the production of energy.

It is, however, possible to introduce additional NAD into the body in order to increase the amount of this chemical in the individual. This is known as NAD therapy. If a person uses substances such as drugs or alcohol, they will no longer have appropriate levels of NAD within their bodies. But through an NAD+ IV detox, these levels can be raised.

There has been evidence to suggest that some people produce lower levels of NAD naturally. This may lead to them being more prone to addictive behaviours. Once the levels of NAD are significantly reduced, an individual will have trouble converting food into energy and for this reason, NAD therapy may be required.

What Is NAD+ IV Detox?

NAD therapy can help to replace depleted levels of NAD within a person who has struggled with drug or alcohol abuse, raising the levels and bringing them back to a more ‘normal’ level.

When taking an NAD+ IV detox you will have an IV attached to you through which the NAD can be slowly fed. This allows the chemical to get directly into the bloodstream without the need for first passing through the stomach. From here, the NAD can be delivered to the brain without having been broken down on the way.

Once the NAD arrives in the brain, the patient will experience higher energy levels and improved mood. As well as this, the patient can replace the energy they were receiving from their preferred substance with energy from a more natural place.

NAD therapy is also used to treat various mental health conditions such as depression as well as for pain relief and chronic fatigue, amongst other things.

NAD+ & Addiction

Most notably, NAD+ can aid patients to withdraw from a substance in a safe manner that is conducive to good health. When you use high levels of a substance such as drugs or alcohol, the amount of NAD that you naturally produce can diminish greatly.

For this reason, many people struggling with addiction may find that they have lower energy levels and low mood. However, the NAD+ therapy can reverse these issues and therefore replenish not only the natural stores of the chemical but also the health of the patient.

NAD+ is believed to help patients overcome addiction in a much shorter period of time, and drastically reduces any cravings that may be experienced using other methods. If you have been drinking alcohol, one of the first things that your body will attempt to do is to remove the alcohol by breaking it down in the liver.

In order for this process to be successful, the body requires a healthy level of NAD. During the process, hydrogen is added to the NAD creating a by-product known as NADH, if the level of NADH outweighs the level of NAD, health issues can arise. Replacing the NAD through this type of therapy can effectively restore balance in the body.

What Is The Treatment Process?

In order to successfully replace the lost NAD within the body and help the patient to recover from their addiction, NAD+ therapy must take place over at least a ten-day period.

The treatment process will begin with a detailed consultation to assess your unique needs and tailor a treatment plan best suited to you. Then for each day of the treatment, an IV will be inserted by your nurse to administer your NAD mixture over the course of some hours.

After several days of treatment, you can expect to begin to feel better. However, it is important to continue the full course of treatment. As well as physical treatment, it is also important to undergo intense emotional and psychological treatments. This is to ensure that relapse is prevented.

How Long Is The Treatment?

Depending on your individual needs will depend on how long treatment continues. That being said, for the most part, patients can expect their NAD+ IV detox to last for two weeks, in some cases this can be shortened to ten days. Over this two-week period, patients will undergo treatment using an IV every day for several hours.

How Long Does The Drip Stay In?

If you are returning for a ‘booster’ session, you might only spend four hours on the IV, however for your initial detox, things may take a little longer. In the first couple of sessions, you can expect to be using the IV for around ten hours.

This is because you will be administered with a larger dose of NAD than in subsequent sessions. After two sessions, the time spent on the IV will lessen to around four to six hours, finally coming down to just four or five hours in later sessions.

NAD Therapy For Opioid Detox

For patients with an addiction to opioid drugs, there are options when it comes to NAD+ treatments. It is possible to treat this type of addiction in as little as five days.

When NAD+ detox is used for this purpose, the NAD will attach itself to the receptors in the brain known as opiate receptors. This will have a direct impact on the chemistry within the brain.

This then leads to a reduction in drug dependency as well as an increase in energy and mood. What’s more, the therapy can help in replacing lost nutrients as a result of drug abuse.

Why Use NAD Therapy?

There are several reasons why NAD therapy is considered to be a good option for those struggling with addiction. Most importantly, it is a natural option that involves no pharmaceutical intervention. NAD+ also only provides patients with a substance that naturally occurs in the body.

Of course, there are other reasons why NAD therapy ought to be considered. Take a look at the following points:

  • The therapy will detox the patient, removing any substances that may be present within the body
  • The treatment has the ability to dramatically reduce withdrawal symptoms, making detox a much easier experience
  • Cravings are greatly reduced whilst undergoing treatment
  • The NAD+ treatment allows the body to begin naturally producing energy once again without having to rely on outside substances

How Is NAD+ Better Than A Regular Detox?

The main reason that this type of detox is preferable to a more traditional approach is that it uses only naturally occurring chemicals. This means that nothing synthetic or harmful will enter the body.

Some of the pharmaceutical medications used to treat addiction may become addictive. But this risk is not present using NAD+ therapy.

NAD+ And Withdrawal

There have been some suggestions that NAD therapy can reduce withdrawal symptoms by up to 80%, that’s pretty a pretty promising figure for those who are concerned about tackling withdrawal when detoxing from a substance.

That being said, it is important to remember that this is only a rough estimate. On top of this, many patients who have undergone this type of therapy have reported that withdrawal symptoms are eased within just minutes of being hooked up to the IV.

Many people who are addicted to any kind of drug find that the symptoms of withdrawal can be so severe that relapse is inevitable in order to stop these unbearable symptoms.

However, with NAD therapy, these withdrawal symptoms can be drastically improved with the chemical binding itself to the receptors in the brain that control the good feelings when taking a drug. This can help in removing cravings and therefore eradicate withdrawal symptoms.

NAD+ And Cravings

Similar to how the treatment works in squashing withdrawal symptoms, NAD therapy can also work well to stop patients from experiencing cravings for their preferred substance.

Not only does the treatment help with cravings in the present moment but it is also thought to be able to put a stop to them over the long term as well with some claims saying that cravings can be eliminated for up to twenty months after treatment has ended.

At Home NAD Treatment

One of the major reasons that many people avoid drug rehabilitation programmes is having to stay away from home and their friends and family. These people can often be a major support in overcoming drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Being able to have NAD therapy from the comfort of your own home is a great advantage.

You will attend a consultation in order to determine your specific needs. Your doctor can then create a personalised treatment plan. However, the NAD treatment itself will take place at your home with a medical team attending each day to administer the treatment.

Another great advantage of having your NAD treatment at home is that you will not miss any doses. They will be brought directly to you, allowing for much greater convenience. This will also allow you to rest and take comfort in familiar surroundings.


NAD+ Detox is a popular choice for patients who are trying to overcome addiction. The treatment is a more natural approach and can be done from the comfort of your own home, avoiding lengthy stays in a rehab facility.

NAD therapy works by supplementing lost supplies of the chemical NAD in the body which is used to create energy. These levels are depleted when taking drugs or alcohol and replacing them is important in your recovery.

However, the treatment can also make cravings and withdrawal much more bearable, in some cases removing them altogether.


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