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Kidderminster has some good options for anyone who needs addiction treatment.

In most situations, one solution will be for the individual to choose a combination of medical options (for example rehabilitation clinics) combined with some type of self-help group (for example Alcoholics Anonymous).

Need for Support When Ending an Addiction

It can be tempting for the individual to believe that they do not need any help in order to overcome their addiction. They may even know other people who managed to become sober without any kind of formal assistance.

While it is true that some individuals do manage to break away from addiction without too much help these people tend to be in the minority. If the person has already tried to end their addiction many times alone but failed then this would indicate that a new approach may be required.

The underlying reason for why many individuals refuse addiction help is that they are dealing with terminal uniqueness. They feel sure that they are a special case and so they will not need the support of anyone else. It is called terminal uniqueness because this type of thinking can get people killed.

Those individuals who are serious about ending their addiction would be better off making use of available resources. It is better to have too much support in recovery than it is to have too little.

Fully Committing to Recovery

No matter what type of recovery resource the individual chooses it will still be up to them to end the addiction.  These resources can be a vital tool but they are only valuable if the person is able to make the most of them.

When people are fully committed to sobriety then the chances are very good that they will enter lasting recovery. The fact that the individual is combining their willingness with the available resources for recovery means that they are giving sobriety an even higher chance of taken hold.

This means that the person can now begin to enjoy the benefits of their new life. It is important to have realistic expectations but great things can happen when people get sober.

The decision to ask for help with ending a recovery is unlikely to be soothing that the individual ever regrets. It is a sign that they are serious about beginning this new chapter in their life because they are not just talking about it but getting the help they need. This type of decision is actually empowering because the individual is taking charge of their own life.

Importance of Honesty in Rehab

If the individual is going to enter alcohol or drug addiction centres then it is vital that they have the willingness and capacity to be honest. If they are not able to be open about their life and thinking, it will be unlikely that they will be able to get much out of the experience.

The reasons for why honesty is some important in rehab include:

  • It is the lies and denial that keeps the individual trapped in addiction. If they continue to deal with life in a deceitful manner they will be at high risk of relapse
  • Almost all of the treatment modalities, used in rehab, rely heavily on the ability of the person to be honest with themselves and with other people. Activities like group therapy and one to one therapy will be practically useless if the person is not prepared to be open about their life
  • The fact that the individual continues to be deceitful is usually a sign that they are not serious about recovery – or that they are ambivalent towards it. The individual is hiding their true feelings and thoughts because they do not want other people to know that they have not yet given up hope of a return to substance abuse
  • It is often claimed that people are as sick as their secrets, and the failure to reveal the truth will cause the person to become stuck in recovery

New Life after Rehab in Kidderminster

If people keep on doing the same things they will keep on getting the same results. This seems to be a law of nature, and it has even been suggested that insanity means repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting different results each time.

If the person returns home to their old life they are very likely to relapse back to addiction. They need to do things differently or they risk getting more of the same. Some of the things to consider in this regard would be:

  • It is important to keep away from drinking and drug-using friends
  • The individual should keep away from bars
  • Once the person goes home they will need to build up a support network of sober friends
  • The individual has to keep working in order to strengthen their recovery
  • It is vital that the individual does not take their recovery for granted or forget where they have come from
  • In order to succeed in recovery, the individual will need to keep on building up their arsenal of coping strategies. They should view all the challenges that come their way as a chance to test their tools or for developing new effective coping strategies

Getting help now

Rehab 4 Addiction is an organisation offering counselling and referral services to addicts and their families in Kidderminster. We work with private clinics offering drug and alcohol treatment programmes on a residential basis. We also advise clients regarding outpatient rehab services.

Contact us today for more advice on0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Worcestershire, including Worcester, Redditch, Malvern, Kidderminster, and Evesham.

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