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Getting help in Hertfordshire

For many people in Hertfordshire, the idea that alcohol may cause a life-threatening condition may seem outrageous. However, each year, tens of thousands of people living in Hertfordshire and the rest of the United Kingdom are faced with this simple choice: either stop drinking alcohol and live, or continue to drink alcohol and die. Why is this the case? Because many of these people have developed the ‘disease of addiction’.

Addiction may manifest itself in many different ways. Some people become addicted to gambling, some will become addicted to drugs and some will become addicted to alcohol. However, no matter how an addiction manifests its ugly head, the consequences for the sufferer and their loved ones is considerable and devastating.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help?

Fortunately, Rehab 4 Addiction offers a solution for people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in Hertfordshire. We now offer you a secure, confidential and utterly free helpline. When you contact us on 0800 140 4690, we shall discuss your various treatment options in Hertfordshire. Generally, we recommend you undergo treatment taking place at a residential clinic. Here, you will remove yourself from your ‘using’ environment whilst you undergo an initial detoxification programme followed by a complete drug and alcohol rehab in Hertfordshire.

Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. This mental health issues usually arise due to traumatic events occurring in the person’s past. During your time at a Hertfordshire rehab clinic, you will engage in therapy and counselling sessions that specifically help you to overcome these traumatic memories without the need to resort to drug or alcohol addiction.

What happens why treatment begins?

When you begin your treatment programme, you will initially be assessed by a psychiatrist. You will be prescribed medication to help offset withdrawal symptoms you will experience during your detoxification programme. Following the completion of your detoxification programme, you will begin to engage in a range of counselling and therapy sessions. This includes daily group and individual therapy sessions. You will be offered a sufficient number of individual therapy sessions to ensure your mental issues are appropriately addressed before the conclusion of your residential treatment.

Making long-term life changes

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe your long-term success ‘in recovery’ is about making significant changes to the way you live your life. If you simply ‘stop drinking’ or ‘stop using drugs’ without making fundamental life changes, you are likely to relapse. For this reason, the treatments we recommend in Hertfordshire work to ensure you examine your life with a view to introducing fundamental changes. These changes make you a stronger person and more vigilant to the signs of relapse before it occurs.

However, we recognise it may be difficult to introduce significant changes to your lifestyle on an ongoing basis, particularly once you have left the residential treatment centre. For this reason, we ensure you attend a treatment programme with an inbuilt aftercare programme. Aftercare gives you the right and responsibility to return to the drug and alcohol rehab Hertfordshire for around 12-months following the completion of your residential treatment programme.

For more information about treatments we offer in Hertfordshire, contact us today on 0800 140 4690. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and a member of our team will return your call shortly.

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