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Getting help in Essex

Alcohol rehabs in Essex maintain a stellar reputation for the quality of detoxification and therapy on offer. Patients travel to alcohol rehab in Essex from all corners of the globe to take advantage of World-class rehab services on offer here. Our Essex rehab centres offer stunning facilities. Patients receive en-suite accommodation in plush surroundings. Accommodation is typically built into the centre or patients may be required to sleep in ‘sober living accommodation’ just a few short steps from the rehab centre. Patients receive 24 hours a day medical observation in safe and secure surrounds away from temptations existing outside the rehab centre.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers drug and alcohol rehab clinics in BrentwoodChelmsfordBasildonHarlowRomfordClactonColchester, and Braintree,

Why Should I consider going to drug and alcohol rehab in Essex?

There are many reasons why you should consider going to rehab in Essex. Most importantly, you should really consider going to rehab in Essex if you are not able to control the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume. The vast majority of people living with a drug or alcohol addiction in Essex will initially deny that they need help. Many will struggle for many years because they are not willing to seek out help. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we work to assist you or your loved one in accepting the fact that this help is required in the first instance.

Going to rehab in Essex is perhaps the most effective way of combating drug and alcohol addiction. Rehabs in Essex are geared towards helping clients rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction. When you attend a rehab in Essex, you will gain the skillset need to help you live your life without feeling the need to resort to drug and alcohol abuse in order to manage life’s problems.

Another important reason why you should attend a rehab centre in Essex concerns withdrawal symptoms. When you undergo a detox programme, you will benefit from a medically assisted detox regime. When you choose to undergo a detox programme from home, it is likely that you will relapse in order to avoid the onset of withdrawal symptoms. In contrast, when you undergo a detox from the safety of a residential rehab clinic in Essex, you will be given medications that help you combat withdrawal symptoms in a safe and controlled manner.

What happens during alcohol rehab in Essex?

Treatment at our Essex rehab centre begins with detoxification. During detoxification, patients must forgo all toxins whilst drugs and/or alcohol are slowly drained from their system. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are monitored by our friendly medical team until ‘stabilisation’ is achieved. Once patients stabilise during detoxification rehab now attempts to treat psychological aspects of addiction. Patients receive psychotherapy either one-on-one with a therapist or through group sessions with other patients. Patients’ family members are invited to the centre to participate in a form of psychotherapy known as ‘family therapy’.

Other forms of therapy such as anger management are offered. Patients get the chance to engage in a number of ‘alternative therapies’ such as art therapy, relaxation therapy and Reiki. Patients are under the watchful eye of our medical team throughout. This includes doctors, psychiatric nurses, therapists, counsellors and our consultant psychiatrist.


What happens after rehab?

Alcohol rehab in Essex is merely the first step on to the path of long-term recovery. For this reason, we offer our patients 18 months of aftercare free of charge following the successful completion of rehab. Patients are free to return to our centre throughout this period.

We believe our low relapse rates following rehab is testimony to the quality of aftercare patients receive. We encourage patients to participate in local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups in the Essex area.

Location of alcohol rehabs in Essex

We maintain rehab centres throughout Essex, including:

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