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Getting help in Hampshire

Rehab 4 Addiction offers modern recovery programmes housed in luxurious surroundings in Hampshire. This provides our patients with a tranquil environment in which to reflect, rebuild and fully recover before re-joining their normal living circumstances.

All of our Hampshire recovery centres employ expert health professions. These professionals are available to patients 24/7, even through the night and at weekends. This means patients receive lots of professional care and attention during the otherwise troubling detoxification and rehabilitation process. Above all, we strive to provide a pleasant and homely environment where patients are able to rebuild, review and recover.

All of our Hampshire drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres offer flexible and fully tailored treatment plans. Our programmes are designed to fit around our patients’ needs, and not the over way around. A number of treatment programmes are available. If you suffer from alcohol addiction, you may take advantage of our seven-day rapid recovery programme, or if you require a long-term rehab, we may admit you to a centre for up to six months.

A tailored approach to addiction treatment

All our rehab centres offer tailored detoxification facilities. The aim of detox is to rid your system of harmful drug and alcohol toxins. This process of detoxification may lead to withdrawal symptoms that must be carefully monitored. Rest assure you or your loved one will receive the require standard of care throughout the detoxification process. We have on hand professional medical workers including psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses and a range of professional care and support workers.

Making sure you receive the care and attention you require

Principally, during treatment our patients are educated in techniques that permit them to live their lives in ways that do not involve drug and alcohol use. Upon arrival, patients must complete a psychiatric assessment. Patients are then prescribed drugs that counteract the withdrawal process. However, patients join therapy sessions from the ‘get go’. An active schedule of group and individual therapy ensures patients do not ‘focus’ on their detoxification. Therapy ensures patients’ attention is firmly kept on the positive aspects of recovery. Many of our patients comment that they’re simply too engaged to ‘notice’ their withdrawal symptoms.

We match you with a suitable treatment provider

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we maintain a close working relationship with several Hampshire drug and alcohol treatment providers. We know what specific areas of addiction each of these centres focus on. This ensures you are paired with a centre that’s best suited to meeting your particular treatment objectives.

In Hampshire, our partner treatment centres offer recovery programmes for a range of addictions. This includes alcohol addiction, behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, and of course treatment for a number of class-A drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methadone.

An increasing need for recovery services in Hampshire

Unfortunately, the number of drug deaths has risen since 2013. This also includes the number of people dying from alcohol-related liver disease. The Government has recently revised the alcohol consumption guidelines, but such measures provide little assistance to those who are currently caught up in an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, many people living in Hampshire have not been shielded from an influx of cannabis and so-called ‘legal highs’. All of these developments means there is a great demand for professional drug and alcohol treatment services in Hampshire.

An addiction to drugs or alcohol often causes physical and psychological changes in the user’s mind and body. Loved-ones of drug and alcohol addiction are typically unable to help without professional assistance. Fortunately, you are now able to draw on Rehab 4 Addictions many years’ worth of experience of treating people for addiction in the Hampshire area.

Why we recommend residential treatment

Primarily, we recommend residential treatment. This treatment involves patients living within the treatment clinic for around twenty-eight days. All of our ‘inpatient’ treatment centres promote abstinence-based recovery. This is facilitated via a supervised detox and a highly structured programme of counselling, therapy and workshops. During residential rehab, patients are given ample time to reflect and rebuild. This time affords patients with the mental and physical strength to remain ‘in recovery’ for many years to come. Patients who may have received treatment in the past but have since now ‘fallen off the waggon’ may require a short detox followed by an abbreviated rehabilitation programme. However, those new to addiction treatment are recommended to remain in rehab for as long as is reasonably possible. This typically demands around a twenty-eight-day commitment on your behalf if you are to receive the maximum benefits of rehabilitation.

Once your rehabilitation programme draws to a conclusion, you then gain access to extended aftercare services. Aftercare helps patients remain in recovery and ensures the risk of relapse is kept to a minimum. Patients are further encouraged to attend AA and NA meetings taking place in Hampshire.

Getting help – Call Rehab 4 Addiction

If you are concerned about your drug and alcohol use, call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Our team of experienced recovery workers will ensure you are matched up with an appropriate Hampshire-based treatment provider.


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