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Getting help in Yorkshire

Rehab 4 Addiction offers drug and alcohol treatment options in Yorkshire. Yorkshire’s rehab providers maintain an excellent reputation for the quality of treatment on offer. This reputation extends both throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Patients travel from across the United Kingdom and Europe in order to attend Yorkshire’s recovery offerings.

Treatment options in Yorkshire

Choosing a treatment programme can be difficult due the range of options on offer. Fortunately Rehab 4 Addiction is on hand to help you navigate through these options. Treatment in Yorkshire typically revolves around three key areas. At one end of the spectrum is fully residential treatment. Here patients move into a rehab centres in order to receive their treatment. Residential treatment is by far the superior options given patients receive round-the-clock medical attention. However residential treatment may be outside of many patients’ budget. In this situation we advise either outpatient or home detox programmes.

Detox options in Yorkshire

Most treatment programmes require patients to undergo initial detox. If you select home-based treatment a doctor typically travels to your Yorkshire home in order to assess your suitability for such a programme. Prescriptions medications such as Librium may be prescribed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. A home-based treatment programme has the distinct disadvantage of lacking professional medical support throughout the acute withdrawal period. Many addicts are not advised to attempt a home-based treatment programme where the addiction is either chronic or where family support is lacking.

Outpatient programmes typically require patients to first undergo either a home or residential-based detox. Therefore outpatient treatment generally tackles the mental aspect of addiction by providing therapy sessions. These sessions are typically held during the morning or afternoon. Patients are then able to return home or to work once sessions conclude for the day.

A residential detox is by far the superior options when compared to a home-based detox. Here patients move into a Yorkshire rehab centre for the entire duration of detox. Patients receive an exemplary level of medical supervision during the acute detox period. Some substances such as alcohol and heroin initiate a protracted withdrawal period requiring professional assistance. This is because withdrawal symptoms could lead to heart failure and death if detox is not correctly managed.

Therapy and counselling sessions following detox

A home-based treatment programme often contains no therapy or counselling element. Even if patients complete detox the mental aspect of addiction remains untreated. Therefore many addicts successfully completing a home-detox often relapse within the first month into recovery. A home-detox should therefore be supplemented with outpatient therapy sessions where available.

Yorkshire’s residential rehab centres employ an in-house counselling and therapy team. Once patients complete detox they are now able to attend therapy and counselling sessions. Therefore residential treatment is ideal for patients seeking to treat both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Threating the psychological aspect of addiction vastly reduces the risk of relapse following the completion of treatment. This is because patients are taught to identify the triggers of addiction. Patients are then armed with coping strategies designed to promote a lifetime of recovery.

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