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If you’re starting to wonder whether your use of alcohol or drugs has become a problem, or maybe developed into addiction? It can be difficult to identify this type of behaviour yourself, especially if you are in the throws of an addiction problem.

If you have any concerns around your substance consumption, then it’s a good idea to speak to a professional who specialises in drug and alcohol addiction.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can discuss your concerns with you and help you to establish whether or not your behaviour has become addictive. We can also help you find the treatment that you need, if you need it.

There are a variety of rehab and addiction treatment facilities available in and around the Whitley Bay area. The best time to reach out for help is at the point where you are starting to question your behaviour.

This gives you the opportunity to prevent your problem advancing to become a chronic addiction problem.

There are so many negative and life threatening risks involved with long term drug and alcohol addiction and finding the most suitable rehab centre could help you to change direction before it’s too late. Speak to our friendly team here at Rehab 4 Addiction today.

How to find suitable drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Whitley Bay

Once you’ve approached us for our help and advice, we will be happy to discuss your rehab options with you and begin the initial assessment to help us find the treatment that you need.

Our team is non-judgmental and experienced in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our assessment will help us to establish the severity of your addiction problem and following on from that, we can take steps to organise your recovery treatment.

The next step will be to determine which type of treatment will be best for you. Depending on a range of factors, including the severity of your addiction and the substances used, you will be recommended either an outpatient or residential treatment programme.

To find the most suited facility for you we will consider your treatment needs alongside your budget, personal recovery goals, pre-existing health or mental health conditions that you may be experiencing and, of course, where you feel most comfortable.

Many people who are struggling with addiction prefer to recover locally in Whitley Bay, however, if you would prefer to attend rehab facility further afield, we will also be able to accommodate your wishes.

All of our partner rehab facilities in the Whitley Bay area and UK-wide offer high quality modern drug and alcohol treatments and accommodation. Each centre has professionally trained addiction specialists and medical professionals available day and night, to support you throughout your recovery.

Signs that you may be developing an addiction

The chances are, if you are concerned about your substance use, then it’s with good reason. Nevertheless, you may feel more confident in your decision to seek help if you are aware of the signs and symptoms that would suggest an addiction

The following are some of the identifying factors that you already have or may be developing a drug or alcohol addiction problem. If you answer yes to multiple questions, it’s time to call us at Rehab 4 Addiction:

  • Has the frequency or quantity of your drug and alcohol consumption increased recently or since you began using them?
  • Do you often think about drugs and alcohol when you are not taking them and find yourself waiting for the next dose?
  • Have relatives or friends commented about your substance use or shown concern that you are using too frequently?
  • Do you turn to drugs or alcohol when you have life issues or stresses?
  • Do you find that you feel unwell when you do not consume drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you or any of your close friends or family noticed a change in your mood or do your moods change frequently?

If you have noticed these types of changes in yourself recently, it could be that you are beginning to develop addictive behaviours. The sooner these are challenged, the less likely they are to become uncontrollable.

If you have begun to notice mental or physical withdrawal symptoms when you are not using drugs and alcohol, now’s the time to reach out for support. These could include depression and anxiety, nausea and general fluish sensations.

When loved ones point out this type of change in you, it’s normal to feel defensive, but try to listen to their concerns. One of the major issues with addiction is that it’s difficult to see in yourself and difficult to admit to yourself and others.

If you don’t feel comfortable contacting us then we’re happy to speak with friends and relatives about finding you suitable rehab treatment. We must have confirmation from you that you want to participate in rehab treatment before we refer you to a facility, however.

What treatments are available at Whitley Bay rehab facilities?

If you choose to attend residential rehab you can expect to receive a personalised treatment programme, which will consist of a variety of leading rehab addiction treatments, based upon your specific needs.

It’s very likely that your programme will begin with a detox from drugs and alcohol. Detox can be difficult, but will be an easier and safer experience when administered and monitored by trained professionals.

Undergoing detox at the beginning of your treatment programme allows you to have greater focus and receptiveness to the remainder of your treatments.

Psychological support will usually be a significant part of the treatment, with trained addiction counsellors talking you through your triggers and working through what led to your addiction.

There are a number of therapy sessions available, including cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and alternative therapies, such as art and music. All will be aimed towards unlearning addictive behaviours and replacing them with healthier lifestyle choices.

When you leave the rehab facility, you will have coping mechanisms and strategies in place to sustain your sobriety in the outside world. All programmes will also include an option for aftercare services. These will help you to stay focussed and motivated in your long-term recovery.

When can I expect to have recovered?

Addiction recovery treatment differs for each individual, so it’s quite difficult to predict recovery times. This will be influenced by the severity and length of your addiction, the type of substance(s) you used and your own personal determination to recover, not to mention any existing health issues you may have.

For residential rehab treatment anywhere between 14 and 28 days is typical, however, this can vary, based on your own needs. Addiction recovery for the long-term takes continued effort on your part, even after you have completed the initial rehab, so there are no magical cures available.

That being said, it’s perfectly possible to achieve recovery and this will become easier to maintain as time goes on.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help me start the process?

Our team here at Rehab 4 Addiction can help you to begin the process towards your recovery by completing a pre-admission process on your behalf. Our assessment is completely confidential and we will never admit you to a treatment programme that you are not entirely happy with.

There are many suitable rehab treatment clinics available in Whitley Bay, all of whom provide industry recognised, structured treatment programmes. CQC inspection reports offer a great opportunity to ascertain the quality and performance of any rehab centre.

We will be able to secure you a place at your chosen facility without the need for long waiting lists and GP referral. All of our team are all living their lived ‘in recovery’. You can contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

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