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Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are common problems around the UK. In Aylesbury, these problems are just as prevalent as they are elsewhere.

It is hard for those with no experience of addiction to comprehend why some people need drug and alcohol rehab in Aylesbury and why they would abuse these substances knowing full well that to do so will cause negative consequences in their lives.

Those that feel this way really do not understand the illness that is addiction and how it can change the way an affected person’s brain functions.

People do not choose to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but once they do, though, they have no control over their urge to use these substances. The only way to break the cycle of addiction is through a programme of detox and rehabilitation.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, it is our mission to put as many people as possible in touch with a suitable provider of drug and alcohol rehab in Aylesbury.

Do you need Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Most folk can drink alcohol in moderation and never develop a problem with it. It is easy, therefore, to forget that it is a highly addictive substance and one that is destroying the lives of many people in and around the city of Aylesbury.

The same can be said of drugs; some individuals are able to use drugs recreationally, but there is an increasing number of people across the city who are dependent on illegal substances such as opiates and crack cocaine.

Sadly, less than fifty per cent of opiate and crack users in the area are receiving treatment for their illnesses, despite there being a number of providers of drug rehab in Aylesbury. This is less than the national average.

Accessing Alcohol Rehab in Aylesbury

There are many options for those with drug and alcohol addiction in Aylesbury, in terms of treatment. Organisations operate in and around the city and include private clinics, the NHS, charities and local support groups.

There are a number of reasons more people are not accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Aylesbury. It could be that they do not believe they need these services or just that they do not know how to access them.

This is why Rehab 4 Addiction exists. It is our job to ensure that those who need help for addiction can easily access it, no matter where they live in the UK. With so many providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Aylesbury, there is no need for anyone to be living with this destructive illness in and around that area.

We work extremely hard to connect those with addiction to the services where they can be effectively treated. Doing this means that we have compiled a database filled with details of the various rehab providers in towns and cities across the country.

We continually update this database to ensure that all information contained within it is relevant for our clients. All you have to do to access rehab in Aylesbury is contact us here at Rehab 4 Addiction today, and we will begin working on your behalf immediately.

What Type of Drug Rehab Do You Need?

Many of our clients are confused about rehab and what their options actually are in terms of recovery. The truth is that there are so many choices when it comes to rehab in Aylesbury.

Private clinics and charity organisations provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes for those affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The type of treatment programme you choose will usually depend on a number of factors such as the severity of your illness, your health, personal commitments, and your finances.

Treatment in a residential facility is one potential option to begin a programme of recovery. This is because patients receive intensive treatment on a daily basis while staying in a comfortable and safe environment where there are no distractions from the outside world. Patients on a residential treatment programme have nothing to do but focus on their recovery, which is seen as one way to achieve long-term success.

However, outpatient programmes, while less intensive, can be just as effective and are certainly more suitable for some patients than others. For example, those with a strong support network at home will be good candidates for outpatient treatment, as will those who have realised quite early in their addiction that they need help.

For some, though, outpatient treatment is their only option as they are not in a position, either financially or personally, to enter a residential programme for a period of six to eight weeks. This could be due to family or work commitments. Nevertheless, for those that do access it, outpatient treatment for addiction is an effective way to overcome this illness.

What Type of Treatments Will You Receive in Rehab?

Whether you are attending an inpatient or outpatient facility for addiction treatment, you can expect to receive similar treatments. In most instances, rehab in Aylesbury will be based on the 12-step model of abstinence. You can also expect to have elements of one-to-one counselling sessions, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and contingency management.

In a residential programme, alternative or holistic therapies may also be used, which could include acupuncture, massage, meditation, equine therapy, and art therapy. A large part of the treatment will also centre around relapse prevention, and patients are usually taught valuable life skills that will help them return to independent living.

Making the Transition to Independent Sober Living

Many recovering addicts worry about the moving from a programme of residential care to independent sober living, and with good reason. It can be a very worrying time, especially for those who have spent a period of time in a residential facility that had twenty-four-hour access to care and support.

Nevertheless, rehab in Aylesbury does not stop when you leave the clinic. You are not going to be left to fend for yourself because most clinics and rehab organisations in the area offer an aftercare programme. Those working in the addiction services industry know the importance of aftercare in order to prevent relapse and so will provide you with all the support you need at this time.

You also have the option of joining a local fellowship support group such as AA or NA, where you can build up a network of people willing to support you on every step on your recovery journey.

Getting help now

For more information on drug and alcohol rehab in Aylesbury, or for advice regarding detox facilities in the area, contact us here at Rehab 4 Addiction today.

Rehab 4 Addiction is an organisation offering counselling and referral services to addicts and their families in Aylesbury. We work with private clinics offering drug and alcohol treatment programmes on a residential basis. We also advise clients regarding outpatient rehab services.

Contact us today for more advice on 0800 140 4690. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Aylesbury and Amersham.

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