Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a range of drug and alcohol rehab treatment options in Dundee and across Scotland. This includes a range of inpatient and outpatient treatments to suit most needs.

Rehab 4 Addiction works with charities, the NHS and many private rehab providers. We are able to secure your passage into a rehab clinic within 24-hours.

All you must do is contact our free helpline on 0800 140 4690 and one of our advisors will carry out a short assessment so we are able to recommend drug and alcohol rehab in Dundee that suits your needs.

Before you go to rehab

Before you go to rehab, it’s important to take stock and assess your reasons for wanting positive change in your life. During this time, it’s also common to experience denial about your addiction. This is perfectly normal.

Getting over denial is far easier when you have in place a supportive family. If you do not have this luxury, then contact Rehab 4 Addiction today.

All of our advisors are trained interventionist, so we are experts when it comes to helping our clients overcome denial.

What treatment options are available in Dundee?

People living in Dundee have access to a great many addiction treatment options. This includes inpatient rehab, outpatient therapy and a range of workshops and mutual support meetings.

Support meetings are run by organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These meetings are entirely free of charge.

Is there a risk of selecting a poorly suited treatment provider?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Unfortunately, there is a risk of selecting a treatment provider that’s maybe less than ideally suited to your needs.

To match you up with the most suited drug and alcohol rehab in Dundee, we carry out a quick telephone assessment taking no more than half an hour.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe this assessment is vitally important because it allows us to pair you up with a rehab clinic that will offer you the maximum benefit.

Undergoing rehab through this provider will allow you to rebuild your life and undo the damage caused by your addiction without any delay.

Going to rehab: the first step towards long-term long-term

Going to a drug and alcohol rehab in Dundee is not about merely taking a break from drugs and alcohol. Instead, going to rehab helps you embark upon the journey into lifelong abstinence.

When you initially begin your rehab programme, you will be assessed by a doctor. You will be prescribed medication that helps you battle withdrawal symptoms. You will also receive round-the-clock observation from the clinic’s healthcare professionals.

The type and severity of withdrawal symptoms depend on the nature of your addiction. Many drugs are physically addictive. This includes alcohol and all opiates.

If you are addicted to a physically addictive drug such as alcohol, then you will also experience physical withdrawal symptoms during your detox. These symptoms will be closely monitored because some of these symptoms are known to be potentially deadly.

Once withdrawal symptoms have been fully treated, you will progress into your rehab by attending a variety of therapy sessions. These therapy sessions include individual and one-to-one therapy sessions.

Need to request more information?

To learn more about how Rehab 4 Addiction is able to assist your search for effective and affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Dundee, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

We are able to offer drug and alcohol rehab across Angus. This includes rehab in Dundee, Montrose, Carnoustie, Forfar and Kirriemuir.

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