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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Egremont

You don’t need to suffer in silence when it comes to battling a drug or alcohol addiction. Rehab 4 Addiction has a drug & alcohol rehab in Egremont ready to take you in and relieve you from your struggles.

If you’re finding it hard to face your addictive behaviours and choices, you may find it an added task to look for the right help and that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

Many people try to tackle addiction alone but fail to cope through the first stage of withdrawal.

Going it alone or trying ‘cold turkey’ can actually be detrimental to the healing process of recovery as it’s easier to fall back into old patterns without the guidance of supporting medical professionals.

Similarly, taking on mental health issues alone can be debilitating and stressful without the right professional help. Trying to resolve or heal on your own can often lead to hiding your reality away from relatives or simply ignoring the issue at hand and this is all too common.

That’s why our drug & alcohol rehab in Egremont is here to guide you on the right pathway, with many treatment options to suit your individual needs.

Support is one of the most important parts of a successful recovery. Without a sound system of medical professionals and active relatives, recovery can be a lot harder and relapse more likely.

Reaching out for support and opening up to your loved ones is paramount for a full recovery from addiction.

Support is there for you

Attempting to cope with a drug or alcohol-related addiction alone is tough. Not only is it daunting, but it can also be dangerous, especially for those who do not have a full grip on reality due to their consumption.

Living with addiction can be isolating, you may have found yourself being unsociable or avoiding usual responsibilities since your decline and those who aim to hide their addictive behaviours also find themselves dissociating from their regular life.

This can perpetuate feelings of isolation and make you feel there is no one to reach out to.

However, at Rehab 4 Addiction, no matter what your struggle is, we’re here to help you. To lift you out of the life you make have spiralled into and to guide you on a pathway to a better lifestyle overall.

As soon as you feel ready to, speaking to a family member or friend about your problems can make the process feel a lot smoother and easier to tackle when you have someone by your side, ready to help you get better.

Although it can be daunting, having the courage to reach out to someone you trust and express the feelings you have is the best way to get started on your recovery journey.

Whether you decide to speak to them first or call us alone in your own time, you must know that you’re in safe hands when speaking to our friendly staff at Rehab 4 Addiction in Egremont.

You will be welcomed into our drug & alcohol rehab in Egremont by our wide team of specialists, with a strong sense of support and inspiration to rehabilitate yourself. We’re here for you, and not just your physical addiction, but to change your whole outlook on life.

No addiction should be battled alone and given the right support you can reach a full and life-changing recovery without fear of relapse.

Personalised programmes to help you reach a better place

Addiction is different for everyone and therefore, so is recovery. At Rehab 4 Addiction in Egremont, we understand the ways in which people feel safe or most comfortable when it comes to rehabilitation. That’s why all of our rehabilitation programmes are tailored to your exact needs.

From a wide range of therapies, in and outpatient care, detoxification processes and a range of aftercare options we get to know you and what you really need.

To create the perfect plan for you, our initial assessment is taken over the phone, where we’ll discuss your behaviours, consumption, how it may be affecting your daily life and what your preferences are when it comes to therapy.

Detoxification is different for everyone. It can be harder or easier depending on the drug or alcohol, the severity of the addiction, or the consumption.

This is why we’ll always recommend residential rehabilitation for long-term recovery. Experiencing withdrawal with on-hand specialists can not only help you understand the struggle you’re going through but can also offer guidance and prescribed medications for severe withdrawal symptoms.

For some, speaking in large groups can be daunting, however, the number of patients who have experienced the success of group therapy sessions is unprecedented.

Reaching out, sharing and listening to the experiences of other people on their recovery journey can often create a lasting bond and a stronger support network post-rehab.

For those who wish to speak one-on-one, you may prefer counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy to iron out the ways in which your addiction affects you psychologically.

Others may find it hard to verbally express their feelings in general and that’s why we also offer alternative therapies such as art or music therapy.

Further treatments available also include acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness courses, yoga and equine therapy to name a few. No matter the problems that may have occurred as a result of your addiction, we’ve got it covered and we’re ready to help you out of it.

Rehabilitation is not a one-size-fits-all treatment programme. We know that addiction is different for everyone.

We know that withdrawal is different for everyone. And we know that a full-term recovery is a different journey every time. But we’re confident that the way we specialise our programmes to suit your every need can give you the best result possible.

Starting your journey at Rehab 4 Addiction

To get you on the pathway to success we need you to be ready. To accept and acknowledge your addiction is one thing, to reach out for help is another.

But to really be ready for a full-term recovery from addiction, the most important asset you’ll need is commitment.

Recovery is a lifelong journey and not just a quick fix. Rehab 4 Addiction advocates leading a better life overall, outside the parameters of the lifestyle you’ve slipped into.

If you’re truly ready, and willing to commit, give us a call today on 0800 140 4690 and we’ll get to know you so we can help in the best possible way.


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