Rehab 4 Addiction

Are you currently struggling with addiction, but are unsure how to reach out, or what kind of help is right for you? You have come to the right place.

Rehab 4 Addiction is a dedicated service that specialises in getting people into a rehab that is the right fit for them, within the familiar comfort of their own area. We have links with rehab facilities across the UK, including here in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Addiction destroys lives and communities all across the country and around the world, but help is always available. As long as a person is willing to accept and acknowledge their addiction, and commit to changing their life for the better, recovery is always possible.

However, it will take a lot of work, and a dedication to healing on a number of different levels. There is no better place to do this than a residential rehab facility.

What Rehab 4 Addiction does

We are a specialist referral service, the purpose of which is to get people suffering from addiction into a rehab centre that is right for them. We have established links with hundreds of rehab facilities all around the country, and we use this knowledge to find a facility in your area that can serve your needs.

Please note that we currently only refer service users to private rehab facilities – in other words, there will always be a financial cost to treatment.

You may be able to get a rehab placement through the NHS, but it is likely you will be on a waiting list for an indefinite period of time, so if you have the means to attend private rehab, you should do so.

We understand that the affordability of private rehab may be a concern to you, especially considering the detrimental effect that substance abuse can have on personal finances.

Once we have determined an appropriate rehab facility for you, we will be able to provide full information around how much it will cost, and how long you will need to stay at the centre. We will also be happy to go over any finance options that you might have available to you.

When you find yourself ready to reach out, please call us on 0800 140 4690 to begin the process. One of our trained advisors will talk you through the process, and when you are ready, we can begin our initial telephone consultation.

The idea of this consultation is to find out more about you, your addiction, and how it has affected your life. Once we have more information from you, we will be able to make an informed decision as to which rehab to refer you to.

The advantages of rehab

You may be wondering what the advantages of going to rehab are, in comparison to other treatments. While you may benefit from other treatments, such as group therapy or stress management classes, only at rehab will you get comprehensive treatment on every single aspect of the recovery process.

A stay at rehab covers everything from safely detoxing to various therapies and preparation for going back out into the wider world. You will have access to a wide range of trained professionals around the clock, who will be able to help you through the acute stress of adjusting to life in rehab and provide you with the psychological tools needed to effectively fight addiction.

What to expect from rehab

One of the first things you will need to do is go through detox, in order to get rid of the last of any illicit substances in your body. At rehab, you will have the chance to go through this process in a properly medically supervised way, with the guidance of medical professional on-site.

You will likely be guided to reduce your consumption over a number of days, rather than stopping right away, which can often be dangerous. You should not attempt to detox by yourself away from the centre – this is extremely dangerous, and can even be fatal in some cases.

The medical team will be able to help you through any of the unpleasant side effects that come with withdrawal, in a way that does not harm your chances of recovery.

This process is not always easy, and symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, irritability, muscle aches, increased anxiety, and hallucinations. As unpleasant as these sensations are, try to be mindful that they will soon pass, and that you are in the best possible place to deal with them.

Once detox has been successfully completed, you will be able to move on to therapy. Your therapy treatment plan will be pieced together towards the start of your stay, after a consultation with one of the on-site professionals.

Once they have more information about you, they will be able to put together a detailed schedule of treatment.

This may include things like cognitive behavioural therapy, group sessions, solo counselling, and other activities such as mindfulness meditation and yoga. The idea is that all of these different activities have an accumulative, restorative effect on your wellbeing.

If you are staying close to home during your rehab stay, there may also be the opportunity to involve family members or loved ones in your recovery sessions.

Please note that this will only be recommended if it is deemed by the professionals to be appropriate for your recovery plan, and if you consent to it.

Towards the end of your stay, a therapist will help you put together a detailed relapse prevention plan. Again, this will take into account your own specific needs around recovery. The aim is to maximise your chances of staying sober once you leave the centre, using everything you have learned at rehab to stay in recovery.

Get addiction help in Ashton-Under-Lyne

We hope that the above information has given you a better idea of what to expect from rehab, and a better understanding of how we can help you get there. If you are ready to face your addiction head-on, please call us on 0800 140 4690 to speak to a trained Rehab 4 Addiction advisor.

Once we have more information about you as a human being, we will be in a position to refer you to an appropriate rehab Ashton-Under-Lyne or the surrounding areas. However bleak things may seem now, and whatever negative effects addiction has had on your life, it is always possible to recover from the misery of life in substance abuse.

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