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Rehab 4 Addiction works with an extensive network of addiction treatment providers in Norfolk. When you contact us, we carry out an assessment with you so we may recommend treatment providers in Norfolk.

By the conclusion of the call, you will be much better informed about your various publicly-funded and private treatment options in Norfolk.

About addiction treatment in Norfolk

In Norfolk, there exist many treatment options for alcohol and drug addiction. These options are available through both statutory and private treatment sources.

Generally, when you seek out treatment through statutory sources, you typically must wait for around 12 months before treatment becomes available.

This is because of limited funds and high demand for free services. Seeking out private treatment means you can avoid these waiting lists and begin your treatment immediately.

Treatment options in Norfolk

You may choose to undertake your treatment at home via an outpatient clinic, or by instead on an ‘inpatient’ basis via a residential treatment clinic.

Residential clinics require you to move into the centre whilst you undergo your treatment. This means you are removed from ‘addiction triggers’ that might otherwise derail your treatment programme.

In contrast, receiving treatment through an outpatient clinic means you are exposed to all the ‘bad influences’ that encourage you to relapse.

Private residential rehab centres in Norfolk offer you 24-hour to their facilities.

You can typically begin your residential rehab journey within as little as an hour following your initial telephone assessment, depending on the availability of a medical doctor.

Modern rehabs in Norfolk offer evidence-based treatments. Medicated detox follows NICE Guidelines. These treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and modern psychotherapy.

The price of private treatment

Private rehab usually requires a commitment in terms of time and money. You should expect to pay around £2400 for a detoxification programme, and around £4999 for a full residential rehabilitation programme.

What happens during rehab?

High-quality rehab treatment offers you a medically assisted detoxification programme. This means you will be closely monitored and medicated during the first tentative days of your treatment programme.

During this time, you will likely experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, the clinical team will be on hand to ensure these symptoms are carefully managed and reduced over the course of your rehabilitation programme.

Each of our partner rehab centres in Norfolk is (Care Quality Commission) CQC inspected and accredited. We may issue individual CQC reports to you upon request.

These reports are also available online for free via CQC’s website. We also carry out our own due diligence when recommending individual clinics in Norfolk.

This ensures all of our partner rehab clinics meet our own high professional standards when it comes to the provision of professional drug and alcohol treatment.

Seeking help now

For more information on how to access suitable addiction treatment in Norfolk, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

When you call, we shall explain your various treatment options in Norfolk. We have helped thousands of people succeed in their recovery, and we are confident that we can help you too.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Norfolk, including Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn.

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