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Private drug and alcohol rehab offered at Rehab4Addiction takes place entirely in residential or ‘inpatient’ settings. Patients move into the centre for the duration of their treatment. The word ‘private’ is used because the patient is not referred to our centres via the NHS but instead funds his or her rehabilitation treatment costs privately or through a policy of medical insurance. Although the NHS is not involved in your treatment our centres may still ask for access to your medical records in order to draw up your personalised treatment plan. Of course we will do so with your agreement. You receive a truly ‘holistic’ rehabilitation programme meaning the treatment you receive will be fully tailored to your unique needs.

No hidden costs

Private paying rehabilitation is open to all who are aged 16 and over. We treat patients who suffer from all manner of addictions including drug addiction, alcohol addiction and behavioural addiction. Residential rehabilitation takes place in relaxing and tranquil settings which aids the withdrawal and treatment process. When you sign up for private residential rehabilitation you will receive everything you need for long lasting abstinence based recovery. The price you pay means there are no hidden costs and includes everything you will need from accommodation, prescription drugs and counselling. Funding can be structured so that the majority of people who seek our help are not turned away on grounds of insufficient funding.

48 hour admissions

We hope you agree, addiction can damage you or your loved one’s life in many different ways, from your career, family life, finances, social life, self-esteem and physical health. For this reason gaining fast access to residential rehabilitation is vital and if you are required to undergo a prolonged wait to be admitted it is likely your addiction will be allowed to ruin your life without any meaningful resistance. The United Kingdom Government has expressed its dislike for residential rehabilitation and prefers so-called ‘harm reduction’ strategies in preference to abstinence based rehabilitation. If you are a heroin addict this would invariably mean giving you methadone.

The NHS’s budget to refer patients into residential rehabilitation is all but non-existent. If you choose to wait to be referred by the NHS into a residential rehabilitation centre then be prepared for a long wait. In fact you could be waiting forever. If you choose to pay for your treatment privately you can expect to enter a residential centre in days rather than years. The NHS will often refer you to a centre based solely on cost consideration, so even if you are lucky enough to hit the NHS rehabilitation jackpot you are likely be placed into a centre which does not specialise in treating your particular type of addiction.

When you enter one of our private rehabilitation centres your will receive world-class rehabilitation treatment. The duration of your stay will be influenced by the severity of your addiction. Private rehabilitation treatment will commence with a detoxification programme. During this time the drug or alcohol you have consumed will be expelled from your body. Your will receive prescription drugs during detoxification to ease withdrawal symptoms and you will be provided with highly nutritious meals each day including Vitamin B supplements. Detoxification will be followed by a course of therapies and counselling sessions where old destructive mind-sets are removed and positive coping strategies are put in their place.

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