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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Haywards Heath

Are you worried about your drug or alcohol consumption? Do you feel the substance you’re using is taking a toll on your life? Are you concerned you need to stop but don’t know how?

Our drug & alcohol rehab in Haywards Heath is here to help you with just that. By reaching out for the support you’re not only helping yourself but those surrounding you.

If you’ve noticed changes in your demeanour or others around you have pointed it out, or you feel your work is slipping, these are clear signs you need to reach out for help.

Oftentimes substance abuse can go overlooked, and for those experiencing it you may find yourself justifying your actions or playing down harmful behaviours.

Rehab 4 Addiction in Haywards Heath is here to help you recognise these distracting behaviours and help you reach a full realisation and understanding of the struggles you’re going through.

We’re here for you every step of the way, from a quick five-minute consultation over the phone right through to aftercare and relapse prevention.

Going it Alone

We’ve all heard of the term ‘cold turkey’ and it may sound like the easiest route to recovery but oftentimes going it alone can be more harmful to yourself than reaching out for the right support.

At our drug & alcohol rehab in Haywards Heath, we understand the importance of treating addiction through both the body and mind and that’s why we aim to reach a dual diagnosis so you can understand your addiction with clarity.

Choosing to detox your body alone can be a difficult task. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms alone, no matter the severity can be a scary experience and will often lead to relapse if not treated properly.

At our drug & alcohol rehab in Haywards Heath, we can alleviate the struggles of withdrawal symptoms through prescribed medications and therapeutic care, alongside trained professionals who can help you understand what your body is going through.

The strongest way to reach detoxification of any substance is through residential care, this means we can be with you when you’re feeling the lowest. We can guide you through the detoxification without any risk of relapsing to escape the feeling of the withdrawal symptoms. We are your support network.

Instead of being on a waiting list for the help you need right now, we can get you where you need to be in a time-sensitive manner. All we need from you to begin is the acceptance of your struggles and a call to our friendly and supportive team.

Accepting Your Addiction

Addiction is a disease. It’s the inability to control something you’re doing despite knowing the harmful consequences. Having an addiction can lead to a pattern of repetitive behaviours which are fuelled by the chemicals within the substance.

If you’ve become dependent on a substance for the feeling it gives you or the sense of achievement it is likely you’re addicted.

Untreated addictions can deteriorate relationships and have a massive impact on your quality of life. You might struggle to form or maintain friendships or relationships and your efficiency at work may decline.

Once an addiction is fully established you may find friends and family becoming distant, your work or personal life falling apart and find yourself in a desolate way. Addiction is oftentimes lonely, and you can feel very isolated.

To deal with your substance abuse you need to fully understand the psychological attachment as well as the physical side effects. The only way to truly work through this side of addiction is through professional help.

Admitting you have the problem is your first step in recovery and this is why you’ll need a strong and supportive network to help you out of it.

Our friendly staff can be this network for you, we’re here to listen to your problems and help you on the right course at our drug & alcohol rehab in Haywards Heath.

Treatment Options

At our drug & alcohol rehab in Haywards Heath, we aim to provide as many possible treatments plans as possible. No matter your severity, we’re here to help. We will always recommend a full 28-day rehab for anyone suffering from addiction.

This way we can monitor your withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process and guide you through it with prescribed medications and talking therapies.

However, we can also tailor plans to help you detox at home. But with staff on hand, you can benefit from the encouragement and assurance needed during your withdrawal experience.

Therapy is also a major part of successful addiction recovery. Understanding the reasons for the addiction, what perpetuates or enables the use, or the struggles you may have in life outside the addiction helps to detach the mind from the substance and thus ensure relapse prevention.

Rehab 4 Addiction in Haywards Heath can tailor a plan to you, whether that be group support sessions, one-to-one counselling or extensive CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), there are plenty of options to choose from.

We also offer alternative therapies for those suffering from stress or physical symptoms as a result of the addiction. These can be motivational classes, mindfulness courses or meditation to name a few.

For those who struggle to express emotions verbally, we also offer art or music therapies where you can get to know your problems through a different outlet. Equine therapy has also proven successful for those who have struggled or lost the ability to take on responsibility.

Getting to know the horse and its handler, how to care for and nurture the gallant animal can seem like a huge task at first but can later prove a strong sense of responsibility and compassion.

Confidential Consultations

Our initial consultations are completely free and confidential between you and our friendly staff.

All we need is five minutes of your time to discuss the problem, talk about your support network and the relationships surrounding you, and go through the different options available.

That way we can tailor a plan to suit your needs and your addiction specifically. Why not give us a call today on 0800 140 4690 and let’s get you on the pathway to recovery.

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