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Addiction is a debilitating condition in which subjects are persistent in doing or obtaining something, whether it is in the form of compulsive behaviour or chemical substances. It is also recognised as a chronic disease, and while addiction can come in the form of many things, drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most prevalent problems in the UK today.

In the case of chemical addiction, subjects are dictated by their unrelenting desire for an addictive substance. Not only does it cause psychological and physical damage which can even lead to the death of substance users, but it also has profound emotional effects on families within the community.

However, although it is a chronic disease, it does not mean it is untreatable. There are plenty of ways you can get access to recovery and treatment clinics. If you or a loved one are in Leyland suffering due to the effects of addiction, whether directly or indirectly, we are here to help at Rehab 4 Addiction.

With our free health assessment and referral service, we can identify the most efficient and appropriate plan from a drug and alcohol rehab in Leyland.

There is always the potential for a brighter future, and it’s better to act sooner rather than later. It is important that you take the first step, you can contact us by phoning our number 0800 140 4690.

How We Can Help

We recognise how difficult it can be to make the decision and select the right drug and alcohol rehab for you. At Rehab 4 Addiction, our referral service will simplify the process and ensure you get all the support you need. We will offer you a free health assessment which can be done over the phone, and a consultant psychiatrist will determine a personalised plan for your specific needs.

The health assessment will allow us to identify your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as factors that may behave significant effects on potential triggers or addiction severity.

We work with many providers which can prove 24/7 care and supervision by medical professionals in a safe and comfortable environment. The providers we work with are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and Wales, or the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

Personalised Rehab Programme

After your call, you’ll be referred to a drug and alcohol rehab in Leyland, which will have a recovery programme tailored to your specific needs. Your recovery is paramount, and that’s why personalised programmes are crucial to maximising your responsiveness to administered recovery methods.

Addiction is influenced by many things, from social and environmental triggers to physical or genetic triggers. Because of the uniqueness of each individual’s addiction, it’s important to treat each case separately.

How Does Rehab Work?

Following the health assessment, your drug and alcohol rehab facility in Leyland will have the necessary information to provide you with effective and specialised treatment. In-patients of the residential rehab clinic will undergo medicated detoxification that will typically last between a week and 10 days.

During the detoxification process, the subject will experience a withdrawal of harmful substances from the body in an environment which separates the subject from any potential relapse triggers. You may receive medication from an addiction psychiatrist to ease any withdrawal symptoms.

While it is possible to undergo rehabilitation as an outpatient, we highly recommend inpatient rehabilitation. This is because records show a disparity between success rates of inpatients and outpatients.

Sustaining sobriety for inpatients at residential rehab clinics proved to be more successful. This is because they are separated from environmental triggers and can focus solely on recovery. If you’re concerned about the distance, you can undergo recovery in a drug and alcohol rehab locally in Leyland, where you’ll still be able to communicate with your family.

Following the detoxification process, you’ll undergo a range of therapies, from holistic (yoga, meditation, music) to dialectical and cognitive behavioural therapy. There will also be support groups and motivational therapy to increase the likelihood of your success. You’ll find new coping mechanisms and gain insight into what triggers addiction, and how to prevent future relapses.

People typically stay at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres for 28 days.

What Happens After Rehab?

After rehab, you’ll have access to an aftercare programme, where you’re able to continue your progress in therapy in the same facility you did your rehabilitation.

The effects of rehabilitation aren’t limited to the programme in the residential rehab clinic, but they are designed to sustain your sobriety for the long term. You will continue to receive support from medical professionals and addiction psychiatrists to ensure you are successful in your recovery.

Addiction in Lancashire

Lancashire is no exception to the UK’s problem with drug and alcohol addiction. reported that the county had a “significantly” higher rate of hospital admissions due to substance abuse for people aged between 15 to 24. Additionally, they reported that death from substance abuse was worse in Lancashire than in the rest of England.

However, they also reported that Lancashire has a significantly higher rate of people recovering from non-opiate drug addiction. The subjects completed and sustained their recovery for 6 months at least, at a higher rate than the rest of England.

While it can be daunting to begin the rehabilitation process, many have emerged on the other side free from addiction. Not only this, they are equipped with new coping methods, knowledge, and access to facilities that sustain their sobriety.

Contact us today

It’s important to get ahead of any irreversible damage. If you or a loved one is suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction, recovery is a viable option in Leyland.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.


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