Rehab 4 Addiction

This rehab clinic in Lowestoft is a ‘Centre of Healthcare Excellence’ providing an unsurpassed level of treatment for addictions and depression within a high quality, peaceful and supportive environment, helping patients to build a ‘bridge to normal living’.

Treatment is delivered through the clinic’s highly experienced and qualified team of healthcare professionals who have worked together for many years, supported by skilled and compassionate 24-hour nursing care.

The multi-disciplinary treatment programme includes physical assessment, medically assisted detoxification, group therapy, lectures, relapse prevention, participation in self-help groups and 1:1 sessions as required.

A competitively priced and effective treatment programme is delivered within a high-quality environment conducive to building a solid foundation of recovery.

Why go to rehab in Lowestoft?

Below, we outline some of the reasons why you should consider going to rehab in Solihull:

  • Highly skilled professional staff – The clinic has an excellent team of highly skilled and accredited counsellors, facilitators, psychiatrists, doctors, qualified nurses and other treatment personnel
  • Pre-Admission Support – Share your concerns directly with a member of the team who is in recovery and has been through treatment
  • A bridge to normal living – Mobile phones and laptops may be used at specific times
  • Highly Competitive fees – First class treatment delivered by healthcare professionals within a First class environment – Why pay more?
  • Family Programme – Weekly support groups are offered to patients and family members
  • Visitors – Family members may stay overnight at weekends by arrangement
  • Privacy and Comfort – Your own en-suite bedroom, beautifully appointed flat-screen TV

The rehab programme’s overview

The rehab clinic addresses the problem of addiction in a confidential and safe environment. Due to the overall detrimental effects of addictive behaviours, the treatment programme we offer is tailored to meet both the individual and the family’s needs.

The therapeutic process revolves around a 12 Step abstinence-based philosophy, which is a well-tested and proven programme.

The rehab clinic’s primary purpose is to:

  • Offer an opportunity for freedom from addictive disorders
  • Demonstrate that there is hope and help available
  • Present options for living a contented and serene life of recovery
  • Install an acceptance that life is about enjoyment, not endurance

This is achieved by

  • In-patient detoxification
  • Recognising that there is a problem in the first place
  • Accepting help and guidance
  • Exploring issues
  • Developing strategies to change detrimental addictive behaviour patterns
  • Learning to develop more positive coping mechanisms
  • Formulating and implementing an ongoing daily structure to facilitate a contented recovery
  • Beginning to rebuild relationships with self, family and friends
  • Engaging with the ongoing aftercare and support groups for contented personal development.

Facilities and accommodation

The accommodation at rehab in Lowestoft offers stylish single occupancy en suite bedrooms complete with flat-screen TV’s. Patients enjoy the use of a comfortable lounge, dining room, conservatory, private courtyard with designated smoking area, and
a walled garden within the grounds.

Delicious home-cooked meals are prepared daily with all dietary requirements taken care of. Our highly skilled and caring nursing team are available 24hours to support all patients in their journey to recovery.

Taking the next step

If you would like to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Lowestoft, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or contact us through the website. We look forward to speaking to you in person. All information is communicated in strict confidence and your identity is kept anonymous when you attend our treatment centre in Lowestoft.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Suffolk, including Ipswich, Bury St Edmonds, Lowestoft, Haverhill and Newmarket.

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