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Substance abusers are renowned for their ability to deny the truth to themselves and everyone around them. Phrases that can often be heard from people who refuse to admit they have a problem are:

  • “I’m not doing anyone else any harm, what’s the problem?” – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who lives or is close to somebody that abuses drugs or alcohol will often be hurt beyond measure. Addicts feel the need to cover their tracks at all times. This means lies and deceit. They often let people down in favour of drinking or taking drugs. Each instance is extremely hurtful for the people that care about a substance abuser
  • “I’m not addicted; I just do it to have some fun every so often.” – This is a lie that’s told for the benefit of those listening as well as the person who is talking. The truth of the matter is though that the person uttering these words will already know that this is a lie. They might have tried several times to abstain from drink or drugs, even for a small amount of time and not been able to. One of the traits of an addict is that they may rationalise the use for drugs and drink to themselves. It’s Friday, so why not have a drink. There’s a party, everyone’s doing drugs, and I might as well too. There seems like there is always a reason to do these things but in reality, they are excuses to hide behind
  • “You’re lying/wrong!” – One of the most compelling reasons to believe that somebody is an addict is vehement denial when they have literally been caught out. As master manipulators and liars, many addicts will not know when to give up. Their instant reaction is to try to lie about the situation no matter how glaringly obvious it is

Convincing somebody to go to Rehab in North Yorkshire

Ideally, a person should choose to go to rehab of their own accord. The fact that they reach this decision by themselves makes the rehabilitation more likely to succeed. For this to happen though, a person must look around and realise that they do not want to live like they are doing anymore. This means hitting rock bottom. They could end up doing something they never thought they would or losing people and things close to them as a direct result of substance abuse.

Sometimes, for the people who care about a substance abuser, waiting for them to hit rock bottom can take too long. They might decide to intervene and talk to the person about their addiction. Words of encouragement could be used to show belief and support in the person if only they would be willing to help themselves.

Sometimes confronting people with evidence that they are hurting the most precious people in their lives can have a profound effect on an addict. Friends and family members may want to talk one to one with a substance abuser, or they could try holding an intervention when everyone who cares about that person comes together in an attempt to make them see sense.

Choosing to break an addiction is the first step on the road to recovery, and it’s usually the most monumental step of all. North Yorkshire drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are the places to go if the decision to beat an addiction is taken. But, understandably, there’s going to be a lot of fear and uncertainty going into this entirely new experience.

Finding substance abuse and alcoholic help is tough, yet by knowing exactly what awaits the job is made that much easier.

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