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If you suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you probably do not look forward to your future. This is certainly not the way to live your life, and denial and inaction is perhaps the most immediate hurdle you must overcome in finding a solution to your addiction.

One of the quickest and simplest routes to sobriety is to contact Rehab 4 Addiction. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ve set up a dedicated helpline to assist people in Redbridge who are utterly clueless when it comes to seeking out help for drug and alcohol addiction.

When you contact us, we carry out a full telephone assessment and we then recommend a suitable treatment option on offer to you in Redbridge and across London. To enquire, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease of the mind. You are highly unlikely to escape addiction without professional support. Fortunately, there exist many different treatment options in Redbridge.

The type of treatment you ultimately select will be tailored to your needs. At first, the number of treatment options may fill you with a feeling of being overwhelmed.

However, with our help, we will ensure you understand the various treatment options available to you in Redbridge. More importantly, we will ensure you select a treatment approach that’s highly suited to your needs.

This will help to strengthen your early recovery and dramatically reduce the chances of you experiencing a relapse.

Discover how rehab in Redbridge can help you

If you have developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol over several years, simply relying on raw willpower is seldom enough to result in a lasting recovery.

Addiction is a bona fide disease, and treating that disease must be taken seriously. If you suffer from cancer, you cannot simply ‘willpower’ your way to recovery, and this is true for drug and alcohol addiction too.

Unfortunately, many people do not consider addiction to be a disease. This is mostly due to a lack of education or do to antiquated political beliefs.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we adopt a view that addiction is a true disease. This view is widely accepted by academics and medical practitioners across the globe.

One potential form of treatment to help battle the disease of addiction is known as rehabilitation, or ‘rehab’ for short.

The vast majority of rehab clinics in Redbridge are known as residential clinics. Residential means you will physically live within the clinic for the entire rehab programme you undertake.

During this period, all of your needs will be addressed. You will attend daily therapy sessions that allow you to address the psychological causes of your addiction.

Furthermore, all of your care needs will be fully met by a dedicated team of professionals. This is particularly important during the detoxification process experienced when you first begin your treatment programme.

Therapy sessions will also help to build up your confidence and sense of self-esteem. It’s likely you are storing up many negative emotions such as self-hate and blame, and therapy sessions allow you to examine and then challenge these negative emotions so you begin to assess the situation in a more objective manner. This process is known as cognitive restructuring.

Your various treatment options

When you begin to discover the various addiction treatment option on offer in Redbridge, you may begin to scratch your head in confusion. Rehab 4 Addiction will help to demystify your treatment options and help you select the most suitable selection that’s right for your needs.

Treatment options include residential treatment, outpatient treatment and home detoxification. Within each of these options, there exists further variation in terms of treatment approaches adopted by different providers.

For instance, some treatment providers focus on 12-step recovery, whilst others may take a more holistic approach by incorporating modern therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The type of treatment we ultimately recommend in Redbridge will be dictated by the severity of your addiction. We shall also factor in personal responsibilities you may hold during your day to day life.

For instance, we may recommend you undertake an outpatient programme if childcare or professional commitments mean residential treatment is inconvenient or not possible.

Treatment providers are typically either privately or council-run. Council-run rehab clinics are free of charge to council residents. However, you generally must submit your application before a funding committee.

This process may take up to 12-months in order to process, and unless you are unemployed, your application is more likely to be rejected than accepted for funding. This state-of-affairs means it’s usually much more realistic to access a private treatment centre.

Attending a private, fee-paying facility affords you instant access to care you so desperately require. Attending a private facility is highly affordable, and not outside the means of the vast majority of people seeking these services.

If you benefit from medical insurance, it’s possible these costs will be covered by that policy of insurance.

What happens during rehab

During your rehab treatment, you will benefit from a highly secure environment where professional care is available throughout the day and night.

This environment is supportive and caring. Professional medical care you receive will ensure withdrawal symptoms are fully treated during the detox process that’s common during the initial week of treatment.

When you begin rehab treatment, you will be fully briefed on what’s expected from you during your stay. You will generally be expected to attend therapy sessions each day to ensure the psychological causes of your addiction are sufficiently treated.

Therapy sessions take place either in small group settings or on a one-to-one basis with a qualified therapist.

An important part of therapy is known as relapse prevention. Relapse generally occurs following a negative event that encourages you to recommence your consumption of drugs or alcohol following a period of abstinence.

Relapse is usually spurred on by stress, anxiety, and depression that’s all too common following a major negative event such as the loss of a loved one or marital breakdown.

During therapy sessions, you will begin to learn about powerful relapse prevention strategies. These strategies will allow you to face up to and cope with negative events in your life without resulting in relapse.

Relapse prevention has at its core powerful coping skills that will allow you to remain in recovery for many years to come.

Getting the help you need today

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we truly believe you will vastly benefit from going to rehab. Choosing to detox and rehabilitate at home without professional help is not just inadvisable. It’s dangerous.

When you choose to undergo a ‘DIY’ rehab, you are unlikely to treat withdrawal symptoms, and relapse is likely to follow.

To avoid this situation, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.  Locations we serve in London include WandsworthMertonHarrowSouthwarkLewishamGreenwichHounslowLambethCroydonEnfieldEalingIslingtonHaveringCamdenWestminsterHillingdonRedbridgeHackneyNewhamBromleyBarnetChelsea and KensingtonKingston-Upon-Thames, and Notting Hill.

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