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Addiction to drugs and alcohol ruin thousands of lives every day. Whether illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin, or prescription medication, such as painkillers, the strain placed upon worried parents, children, friends and colleagues are unbearable and the risks associated with substance abuse can be fatal. Unfortunately, many don’t realise this until it is too late. Fortunately, help is available. Rehab 4 Addiction is Salford’s leading rehab and recovery specialists and we are confident we can help anyone overcome their addictions.

Rehab 4 Alcohol combine experience, understanding, support and affordability to provide an unrivalled service for recovering drug and alcohol users. We match clients to the most suitable Salford-based rehab centres available, ensuring the experience is as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We are proud of our high levels of success in helping clients achieve lasting results and we are fully committed to helping you address your addiction, no matter what form it takes.

Salford’s leading rehab provider

Rehab 4 Addiction operate by enlisting the help of proven, well-established rehabilitation providers in Salford. We understand the strengths and specialisms of individual treatment services, meaning we can hand-pick the best solution for the individual. Regardless of whether you are attempting to free yourself of an entrenched addiction, or are taking positive action to stop an emerging drug and alcohol problem in its tracks, we can make the journey as smooth as possible.

Our ethos is based on the individual. We know through experience that universal approaches to rehab tend to be less successful than those that match the needs of the individual. Our initial assessment process leaves no stone unturned as we establish exactly where your needs lie and develop a bespoke treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and achieve success quickly and effectively.

Long-term abstinence

The extent of your addiction will impact the direction your treatment plan takes but no matter what, we prioritise achieving long-term abstinence for all our clients. The most effective way of achieving this is undoubtedly through residential rehab programmes. A stay in a residential rehabilitation centre in Salford affords an escape from the day-to-day temptations of drugs and alcohol. It also provides around the clock support and an environment designed specifically to ease you through the recovery process.

Despite residential rehab offering the best chance of success, not everyone is in a position to engage with such an intensive recovery programme. Employment and family commitments may mean something more flexible suits your needs. Rehab 4 Addiction also offers a range of alternative treatment plans that will help you push forwards, including different combinations of detox programmes, 12-step recovery plans, and flexible treatment sessions with drug and alcohol abuse experts. We are confident in our ability to find the right approach for you.

Once a drug and alcohol-free and ready to move on, Rehab 4 Addiction can continue to assist. Following rehab in Salford, we offer a selection of aftercare packages designed to help maintain lasting abstinence until you are confident to go it alone.

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