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Getting help in Southampton

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a variety of drug and alcohol treatment options in Southampton. Seeking out treatment is an emotional time for the family of somebody addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many of you will simply not know ‘what to do’ when faced with this unique challenge. Living with an addiction consumes the energy and willpower of the addict as well as close family members and friends. Locating a suitable treatment provider is also time-consuming and often emotional. Rehab 4 Addiction is fortunately on hand. When you make contact Rehab 4 Addiction an advisor will run you through various treatment options that exist in Southampton. We generally refer you to several treatment providers in the immediate and wider area. This gives you access to expert drug and alcohol treatment providers without the need to conduct your own research. Our service is entirely free and without obligation. Because we are independent of treatment providers we offer impartial advice that is suited to your needs.

Call for a free assessment

When you approach Rehab 4 Addiction our initial goal is to conduct an over-the-telephone assessment. During this assessment, we ask you relevant questions concerning your addiction and general condition of mental health. Here we determine the exact nature and duration of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many people suffering from an addiction will also suffer from significant mental health problems. These problems are typically due to traumatic events that occurred in the past. If you suffer from an addiction and mental health ailment then know that help is now only a telephone call away. Also during assessment we determine your medical history as it pertains to your addiction. For instance, whether you have attended treatment in the past, and if so for where this treatment took place and the treatment’s duration.

What happens following your assessment

Following your assessment, we then refer you to several suitable treatment providers located in and around the Southampton area. Many of these treatment providers are difficult to locate. With the help of Rehab 4 Addiction, you will locate around ten suitable treatment providers in less than five minutes. This would take you around a day to complete without our help. This is because we maintain a database of many different treatment providers located across the South Coast of England. Many of these treatment providers may be unsuited to your needs. We utilise the information you provide during your assessment to match you with treatment providers we deem suitable. This means you save time, money and sanity in locating a treatment provider that suits your specific needs. Because our service is independent of treatment providers, you receive advice that is truly impartial.

Treatment we advocate in Southampton

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we strongly recommend you attend a residential treatment provider. This means you are completely removed from your ‘using environment’. This also means you are stripped from the ‘triggers of addiction’ whilst you undergo therapy and detoxification. Residential treatment providers impose a strict regime of detoxification. This means you must forgo drugs and alcohol. A long-term period of abstinence is then encouraged following completion of rehabilitation. Many of our patients must refrain from drug and alcohol use for their entire lifetime. This is because addiction is highly likely to be re-established should drug or alcohol use continue. To meet this aim, Southampton treatment providers offer an extended aftercare and relapse prevention plan for all patients passing through their doors. This is backed up with weekly therapy sessions of CBT and psychotherapy. Aftercare typically continues for around an additional twelve months following the conclusion of residential treatment.

Below we list times, dates and venues for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings taking place in Southampton:


Southampton MorningBasement, Parish Building, 135 St Mary’s StTuesday11:00
Southampton Oxford StBooth Centre, Salvation Army, Oxford StSaturday19:00
Southampton Salvation ArmySalvation Army, 57 Oxford Street.Wednesday19:00
Southampton: Bugle StSt Josephs Church Hall, Bugle StMonday19:00
Southampton: Lunchtime OpenBasement, Parish Building, 135 St Mary’s StThursday12:00

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