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The harsh reality is that you are extremely unlikely to succeed in your fight against drug and alcohol addiction without going to rehab. Going to a drug and alcohol rehab in Woking will remove you from all the bad influences and distractions that forever serve to pull you back to drug and alcohol use.

When you go to rehab in Woking, you begin to live a better life in every way possible. Living without drugs and alcohol is possible. Going to rehab will help to charge you with the belief that you can have a future without using any substance whatsoever.

Going to rehab will award you with a totally new beginning, no matter how severe your addiction may be. Rehabs save thousands of lives each year, and we are confident that rehab will totally transform your life too.

Speak to Rehab 4 Addiction today to allow us to help you find the perfect drug and alcohol rehab in Woking. Rehab 4 Addiction is a free helpline staffed with expert advisors who are available to take your call 24-hours a day.

We are able to help either those directly suffering from addiction or concerned family members who are not willing to simply sit around idly as their loved ones’ mental and physical health are ravished by drug and alcohol addiction.

Our track record in Woking speaks for itself, because we have placed many individuals into rehab, and now many of these people are now living a life that’s functional and rewarding.

There is a number of inpatient/outpatient rehabs in Woking that could be well-suited to meet your needs. Pairing you up with rehab offering suited detox, therapies and aftercare is our primary aim.

To allow us to help, contact us today on 0800 140 4690 and we shall conduct a short assessment over the telephone. All rehab recommendations are based on the information you offer during this telephone assessment.

Addiction negatively impacts many areas of your life. Your physical health may deteriorate as a result so that you begin to suffer from seizures, cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer and anaemia. Your mental health will also suffer.

Addiction is well known for causing the breakdown of family life. Addiction is traumatising for all who must witness it, especially for young children who are likely to develop an addiction themselves due to this trauma.

The good news is that all of this pain and suffering is either reversible or avoidable with the right sort of care and therapy offered at drug and alcohol rehabs in Woking.

Which sorts of rehab treatments are right for my needs?

There exist many forms of rehab treatments. Working out a suitable form of treatment for your needs can be overwhelming. To help us locate a suitable rehab treatment on your behalf, we offer you a free telephone assessment.

Generally, outpatient rehab is suitable for less severe forms of addiction. Unfortunately, very seldom are the words ‘addiction’ and ‘non-severe’ paired together. The vast majority of people who suffer from addiction will require residential rehab instead.

To recommend the most appropriate form of addiction treatment, we offer you a free assessment. During this assessment, we determine the history of your addiction. All information you provide during this assessment is utterly confidential.

All our advisors are in recovery themselves. Thus, there is no risk of us passing any form of negative judgement upon you when you contact us.

We ensure you begin a rehab programme with a fitting level of support and care. Residential rehab in Woking offers you 24/7 care. You will also be surrounded by medical experts during your detox.

In contrast, if you undertake an outpatient treatment programme, you will go home at the end of each day’s session, so you are not removed from bad influences that could topple your recovery ambitions.

Residential rehab is also far more intensive than outpatient treatment, particularly when it comes to therapy. During residential rehab, you will benefit from many one-to-one and group therapy sessions each day.

During rehab, therapists will help you to determine the root causes of your addiction to drugs and alcohol. You will learn to cope with negative emotions in healthier ways. You will also benefit from specialist trauma therapy. This is vital given many people who suffer from addiction also experienced traumatic events in the past.

Will I need a detox?

If you require a medically assisted detox, going to a residential rehab really is non-negotiable. A detox requires around 10 days to complete. You will require 24/7 medical assistance during your detox. Due to withdrawal symptoms, home detox is considered dangerous because you will not have access to professional medical care.

You will need a supervised detox if you are addicted to a physically addictive drug that will cause physical withdrawal symptoms when you begin to detox.

When you undertake a clinical detox at a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Woking, you will be supervised by medical practitioners throughout the 10-day process. A doctor will also prescribe you with prescription medications. These medications prevent fatal withdrawal symptoms from arising.

Aftercare offered by drug and alcohol rehabs in Woking

Another distinct advantage of residential rehab is aftercare. Aftercare ensures you are assisted with putting into practice the skills you developed at a residential rehab.

Maintaining your recovery is key, and aftercare helps you in meeting this objective. Family members are also allowed to attend aftercare sessions. Above all, aftercare ensures you are following a structured plan with the maximum amount of help both from the rehab clinic and from your loved ones.

Start a new beginning today

To learn about drug and alcohol rehab options within Woking and the surrounding area, be sure to contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Surrey, including Guildford, Woking, Farnham and Epsom.

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