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Breaking an addiction is hard. There’s no doubt about it. But drug and alcohol rehabilitation through the proper channels can work wonders for an addiction. There are the conventional 12 step programs which have had some success at offering support through detox clinics, but patients need more to help themselves out of their desperate situations. Drug alcohol treatment centres in Mansfield will seek to offer something more.

Going into Rehab

The decision to enter rehab is notoriously difficult for substance abusers to make. The thought of living in a world where all their senses are fully alert can leave them feeling vulnerable. Quite often, an addict uses substances to self-medicate against physical and mental pain or as a coping mechanism for daily events.

Once the decision has been made to seek professional help, it is vital that people act quickly. The epiphany that led to these feelings may not last long and over the course of even a day substance abusers can change their minds and decide that they don’t need to go to rehab after all.

Drug alcohol treatment centres in Mansfield can be contacted by telephone or email. Once the initial contact has been made, somebody from the centre will arrange an appointment time as soon as possible for the substance abuser to come in and speak to somebody.

Whilst there they will discuss:

  • The treatment programs including what they entail and how they work to free the person from their substance dependencies.
  • The facilities on offer such as gym, swimming pool or different holistic treatments if there are any.
  • A brief outline of a typical day in rehab.
  • Visitation rights etc. Most clinics will allow visitors when the patient is seen to be making an improvement, though there may be special circumstances around a case where this is not possible. If this is a concern, it is always best to ask.
  • There will most likely be a psychological assessment on the patient to see which will be the best way to go forward with treatment.

If all is well, the patient can be admitted there and then. So it is a good idea to pack for rehab before going along to the appointment. Comfortable clothes are needed and packing for the climate at the time is also advisable. There will be laundry options available so a week or two’s worth of clothing will suffice.

The Success of Rehab

The success of any Mansfield alcohol treatment centres depends entirely on the patient. If they put themselves forward in an open and honest manner they have a great chance of turning a corner. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation needs to cover every area of the resident’s life, though. A complete turnaround is needed to defeat something as dangerous as an addiction.


The first step along the road to recovery is to purge the body of the toxins that are contained within drugs and alcohol. This can be a scary notion for people who are heavily addicted to their substance as withdrawal symptoms can be far more than unpleasant. Without proper care and attention, withdrawal can be extremely dangerous if not handled in the right way.

Sometimes, rehab centres may use medication to bring people down from their substance of choice. Methadone is commonly used to wean heroin addicts off the drug. Another method might be to control the amount of substance which is being used, gradually decreasing the amounts until it stops altogether.

Detox is only one part of rehab but it is essential for the other segments of treatment to be more effective. Whilst drugs and alcohol are still in the system, they have a huge hold over people’s thoughts, actions and reactions. By giving people the opportunity to think clearly, detox sets the baseline for the rest of rehab to take place.


  • Private counselling is designed to unearth the original problems. Addictions don’t just start from nothing. This can also act as substance abuse and alcoholism support for families because, often, even close family members and friends have no inkling of what the problem could be.
  • Group support sessions are much more informal than one-to-one counselling in detox clinics. The main point of these sessions is to give people the chance to connect to people who are going through the same issues as them. Bonds which are formed within rehab are known to extend beyond the walls of Mansfield alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Detox Programs

  • Detoxification programs are always a part of any good rehab facility. There will nearly always be lingering substances inside the body. Only by flushing them out through the detox program can somebody be truly ready to face rehabilitation.
  • Detox facilities will change this program depending on the individual’s addiction. If it’s serious special medications may be implemented to help the body with its own difficulties in leaving these hazardous substances behind. Minor addictions can normally be dealt with by simply going cold turkey for an extended period of time.

Skills and Hobbies

  • Being able to learn some new skills and hobbies is essential to creating a better life. Most addictions take over the person’s life, it doesn’t give them time to participate in other things. But with classes and courses inside rehab facilities, it gives people the chance to learn something new.
  • Cooking courses, art classes, and fitness lessons are just some of the things on offer to residents. Take advantage of these and learn something new. Interested parties will also be directed to classes in their local area when it’s time to leave their residential rehab facilities.
  • As well as to offer a release, it can help to find employment in the future. Being able to find a job is imperative for the person’s future well-being because if they have cured their addiction and they have nothing to hope for or look forward to, what’s the point?

Aftercare programs within these rehabilitation facilities offer patients the chance to take advantage of all of these things after leaving. This is vital to ensuring the long term success of people in defeating their addictions.

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