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Rehab 4 Addiction is a specialist helpline existing to help signpost you to suitable drug and alcohol rehabs in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Each year, we help thousands of people in the Greater Manchester area in accessing affordable and suitable rehab clinics, and now we are here to help you too.

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Rochdale offer inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment options. We also recommend quasi-residential rehab options within the Rochdale area too.

It is typical to undergo a 2-4-week residential rehab programme within Rochdale. This programme is then followed up with an intensive aftercare programme, whereby you return to the rehab clinic on an outpatient basis.

Residential rehab is highly recommendable and well worth the effort and investment of time. Residential rehab literally serves to save lives, and the importance of going to rehab must never be underestimated.

Why is residential rehab an option to consider?

Outpatient treatment offers you a safe and caring environment during the day but you will return to your drug and alcohol using environment at the end of each daily session. When you do return home, you will be exposed to all the regular bad influences and temptations that contributed towards causing your addiction in the first place.

Residential rehab, in contrast, shields you from these bad influences and temptations. Residential rehab is also much more intensive than outpatient treatment. This level of intensity allows you to establish greater momentum in reaching your recovery goals.

To reiterate, residential rehab means you will be entirely shielded from distractions and you will benefit from an environment that’s much more favourable to recovery.

People who may try to derail your recovery are not able to contact you whilst you are in a residential rehab clinic. Also, residential rehab allows you to establish a highly structured routine that you will be able to continue once you ultimately return home. This routine will be ingrained upon you over the course of your 28-day stay.

During rehab, you will be given the breathing space to take a step back and reflect on your life up to this exact moment. There will also be many people around to support your recovery efforts. These people include medical professionals, therapists, support workers, as well as other clients undertaking treatment

Living quarters and treatment facilities are all located in one location. Medical experts are available 24-hours a day. This is particularly beneficial whilst you undergo your detox towards the beginning of your treatment. Visits from friends/family are restricted to set times, and these visits are structured and supervised.

Rehab clinics purposefully create the ideal environment for addiction treatment to take place. When you undertake an outpatient treatment programme, it is difficult to offer this level of care and structure.

Many people undertaking outpatient rehab undertake a detox from home. This is a dangerous practice without 24/7 medical assistance, and it is very expensive to pay for a medical expert to stay in your home during for the required amount of time (around 7-10-days). Attending residential rehab is much cheaper and much more practical for the vast majority of people.

Outpatient treatment is more common when you opt for NHS-funded help. Outpatient treatment is also common in urban areas.

We can’t think of one reason why you would favour outpatient treatment over residential rehab. Since you return home each evening when you undertake outpatient treatment, it is simply impossible to prevent you from using drugs and alcohol during this period.

Getting to know rehabs before you sign up for their treatment programme

Before you attend residential rehab, you are able to visit each clinic we recommend in Rochdale to help you decide which particular rehab is most suited to your needs.

Some of the benefits of residential rehab in Rochdale include:

  • Private rooms: many rehabs offer you a private room, so you will not have to share your room with other people
  • Nutritious food plan: you will not have to prepare your own food. Rehabs offer highly nutritious meal plans that aid the detox and recovery process
  • Initial psychiatric assessment: you will be assessed by a doctor before your detox begins. The doctor will give you medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Structured family visits: to ensure you are not totally cut off from loved ones, your family members will be allowed to visit you at set times. Some rehabs also offer family therapy sessions

Beginning your treatment today

If you are ready to book your rehab treatment, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. We recommend many treatment options in the Greater Manchester region. When you contact us, we promise to help you locate rehab clinics in Rochdale that are suited to your needs.

There’s no need to delay seeking this advice, and we assure you that going to rehab will assist you in reaching your long-term recovery goals.

Rehab 4 Addiction facilitates a variety of addiction treatments in Manchester and across Lancashire in Bolton, Salford, Blackpool, Stockport, Blackburn, Rochdale, Wigan, Preston, Oldham, Bury, Lancaster, Chorley, Burnley and St Annes.

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