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An effective attitude when enter a drug rehab clinic will be one of open-mindedness and willingness to learn. This type of attitude is often referred to as beginner’s mind. It means that the individual is able to put aside all of their current thoughts and opinions so that they can learn something new.

It is highly recommended that those people from Stirling who intend to make use of drug rehab clinics develop this type of attitude.

The benefits of beginner’s mind for people in recovery will include:

  • In order for the individual to remain trapped in addiction, they will need to have taken on board some unhelpful beliefs and opinions. If they continue to hold onto these ideas in recovery it will prevent them from making progress. It is therefore vital that the individual develops a beginner’s mind so that they will be able to change
  • If the person believes that they have all the answers already it will make them resistant to new information. This is a terrible attitude for somebody who hopes to benefit from rehab because it will prevent them from learning anything new. It is important that the individual understands where their thinking has taken them to so far
  • In order to make a success of life in sobriety, the individual is going to have to try lots of new things. There will be many options that they will initially resist, but these may be the things that offer the most rewards. It is only by cultivating a beginner’s mind that the individual can benefit from these options
  • This type of attitude won’t only help the person do well in rehab but it will help them do well in life in general

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